Comparison Of London vs Paris [ infographic ]

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As we know that there are so many countries in this world that are very popular among tourists. Our world is filled with beautiful and stunning places, attractions and views. If we talk about most popular countries in the world for tourists then we should mention London vs Paris. According to survey that London vs Paris are very popular among tourists for spending vacations. Now the question is that which one is better? Well, we are sharing the important details of London vs Paris which completely shows the importance and popularity of these countries.

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Important Points About The Comparison Of London vs Paris

The below mentioned points shows the comparison of London vs Paris. After reading these points, you will surely get an idea which country is best for spending vacations.

• The most important point is that London covers an area of 607 square miles. On the other hand, Paris covers an area of 407 square miles.

• If we talk about population then London has 8,173,194 population as of 2009. On the other hand, Paris has 2,234, 105 population as of 2009.

• For spending vacations in London and Paris, tourists should collect information about the food and drink. Well, London restaurants 11,925. On the other hand Paris restaurants 9,665. The average cost of single meal for two people in London is euro 90. On the other hand, the average cost of single meal for two people in Paris is euro 217.

• Moreover, the total number of museums in London are 240. Whereas, Paris has 153 museums. We would like to mention that London has world oldest underground rail network. On the other hand, Paris has second oldest rail underground network.

• Lastly, every year almost 17,000 music performances held in London. The annual number of festivals in London are 250. If we talk about Paris then it has 376 cinema screens.

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So, the above mentioned details show the comparison of “London vs Paris”. Well, we can say that both the countries have its own popularity among tourists.

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