London University – Interesting Info About London’s Leading Institution

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London University is one of the leading education institutions in the London. Its also listed in our list of top universities in the London. London university is commonly known as University of London and it is a public university. It was founded in 1836 by Royal Charter as first biggest public institution of the London.

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Today we will give our readers basic info about London University, like when it was founded. Who are the students there, what type of study it provide, number of colleges under is umbrella and much more useful info about university of London. So, be ready to discover knowledge about London University.

1. Number of students studying there

University of the London is one of the most popular educational institution of the world. That’s why students from all over the world join this university for higher education. The number of campus based students for this university is 135000. But interesting thing is that university also offers distant learning programmes, so international students can also get benefit from the experience of the university. At this time about 60000 students are learning through universities distance learning programmes.

students in London University
students in London University

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2. Colleges under the umbrella of London University

University comprises 18 constituent colleges, ten research institutes and a number of central bodies. The name of the colleges that are under University of London are Heythrop college, the London School of economics and political science, University College London, Royal Academy of Music, London Business school, King’s College London, Royal central school of speech and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London and some other colleges.

Royal academy of Music London
Royal academy of Music London


3. Course Types

The University of London offers many types of courses as stated above, a large number of students are learning in campuses and above 50000 students are learning through distance learning programmes. London University offers Postgraduate programmes, undergraduate programmes, distance learning and non-degree study. Non-degree programmes are very famous among the students especially in the people who are already doing any job to enhance their skills. These courses include English language course, summer school, Taster courses and some other types of short period courses are available at the University of London.

Courses in University
Courses in University

4. Notable People from the London University

As we have mentioned earlier that the University of London is very old and it is Popular all over the world. That’s why many famous people from around the world belong to the university of London. Some of the famous people who passed from this university are Al-Qaeda operative Umer Faruk AbdulMutlib, Soviet Double agent Anthony Blunt and Mahatma Gandhi.


5. Student Housing in University of London

The university operates 8 student houses in which university accommodates most of the its students from all of the colleges and main campus. The student’s houses are College Hall, Connaught Hall, International Hall, Lillian Penson hall, Nutford House, Canterbury hall, commonwealth hall and Hughes Parry hall.

Student hostels in London university


So, this is some interesting info about London university which is one of the oldest educational institutions of the England. We hope you will like this useful information about London university but stay in touch with us for more interesting stuff about London.

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