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London Underground Prices Per Passenger


London underground is also known as the tube or London tube. Its a rapid public transit serving a larger part of the London and some counties connected to it. Today we will list “London underground prices” so you can have an idea about the cost of journey with London tube or London underground. London underground has a track of more than 400 kilometers and has 270 stations across the great London and some counties like Hertfordshire and Essex. This London tube network incorporates the world’s first railway system which was started in London in 1880s. I think its enough introduction of the London tube that’s why lets discuss “London underground prices” now.


London Underground Prices Per Passenger


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London visitors only have two options to pay for their journey in London tube. That’s through their visitor Oyster card or through their travel card. Anyone can buy these travel card from Transport for London website which is operated by the British government. So, you can only pay through your Oyster card or travel card that’s why we will list the prices and specs of these cards.

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London Underground Prices Per Passenger

1. Visitor oyster cards

Visitor oyster cards

As explained above visitor oyster cards can be used to pay for your journey in London tube. But this card also have some other travel benefits that are pay bus, river boat, trams and other national railway services fares. Anyone can use this card to travel in the public transport of the London. It costs

  • From 2.40 to 4 pounds for traveling between zone 1 to 2.
  • For traveling from zone 1 to 6 it will cost you 2.70 to 5 pounds.

This card is available with the balance of 10 – 50 pounds and a card fee of 3 pounds will also be charged while buying the visitor oyster card. You can buy this card here.

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2. TravelCard – London underground Prices

TravelCard - London underground Prices

So in this “list of London underground prices” we are going to discuss TravelCard. Travel Cards are also just like visitor oyster card which can be used to pay your fares for the London public transport. Visitors can use Travel cards anytime in London. All of the benefits of the TravelCard are just same like the benefits of the Oyster cards expect the prices. “London underground prices” for Travel Card are below

1. Adults

  • From zone 1-6 it will cost 50.40 pounds a week.
  • From zone 1-2 it will cost 6.60 pounds.

2. Child’s

  • From zone 1-2 it will cost 3.30 pound.
  • From zone 1-6 it will cost 25.25 pound a week.

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So the only difference between the visitor Oyster cards and Travel cards is the difference of prices. To buy this travel card click here. We hope you will like this introduction of London underground prices but don’t miss out this list of shopping destinations in London and this introduction to self storage London.

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