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London Tube Strike 2014 – Unions holding it for 48 hours

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The second London Tube Strike 2014 held this morning by the members of the unions of TSSA and RMT for the closure of the London underground ticket offices.

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London Tube Strike 2014


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The members of the unions RMT and TSSA held a strike of 48 hours over the plans of closing all the ticket offices in the London underground. The very first strike was set on Tuesday at 9 pm and the second one today in the morning. On the London tube strike 2014, millions of passengers were hit by the travel chaos. Today in the morning, more than million of computers faced some kind of travel disruption with a strike by the workers of the London underground. The passengers of the train were also warned of all the potential delays as well as about the flood and the battering winds across the United Kingdom. The mayor of London called the strike totally pointless, that urged all the unions for calling it off and returning to the talks in that row over the cut jobs. A leader of the union named Bob Crow said that they expected the action to be a rock solid today morning and they also reduced the network to the skeleton services with some of the ghost trains running through the stations that were closed.

This was totally a reaction of the anger of the staff at the attempts of bulldozing through the cuts of their jobs, services as well as their safety that would result in the reduction of the tube to a very dangerous shell. About the London tube strike 2014, the mayor of London also said that he was making that clear again in the morning that all the unions remain available for the talks that can be held anytime, aimed for resolving that dispute and he hoped that the offer would be taken up. He also added that they have also set out a very clear route for moving this issue forward and they hope for a positive response from the London underground.

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