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London Travel Card – Everything you need to know about it

Traveling around with a London travel card

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If you are visiting London,  you need to buy a London travel card that will not only make it easier for you to travel around London in tube and bus but you will also enjoy cheaper travel prices as well.   You will learn almost everything there is to know about London travel card.

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London Travel Card

Fulfill all your travel needs in London with London Travel Card

One thing that you need to know is that, London public transport network is one of the biggest networks around the world. With the help of this network and a travel card, a visitor can travel around entire London very easily. The main purpose of travel card is to let you move easily, quickly and in cost effective manner around London. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by train or bus, the London travel card will cover for you. However, this card is only valid to travel within London.

After leaving your hotel, you can use the London travel card to reach at your desired destination let it be a cinema, theater, boutique or an event. The biggest benefit of this travel card is that, you don’t have to buy a lot of tickets over and over again. Whenever you are traveling on the bus/ train, just swipe your London travel card and you are good to go.


You can use your travel card to travel around London on following transport facilities.

  • London Underground
  • National Rail Trains
  • London Buses
  • Tramlink
  • The Docklands Light Railway

One more thing that you must know about London travel card is that, you will receive a 33% discount on London River Services.


Traveling around with a London travel card

As described above, there are a lot of advantages of using London travel card and I’m going to describe some of them in this section.

What you get

You get unlimited journeys on London underground, Trams, Local Buses, Over Ground Buses, Docklands Light Rail and National Rail Services. It simply means that if you have one travel card, you are good to go anywhere in the London without worrying about buying a ticket for all the above described transport means.

Choosing the Card

The London travel card is aimed for visitors who are in the town for only a short period of time. Either you can buy a travel card for one day or you can buy a card that will be valid for 7 days. However, it totally depends on the duration of your visit. If you are going to stay in London for a day or two, you can go for one-day travel card but if you are going to be here for more than 4-5 days, a 7-Day London travel card will be a better option for you. There are different zone packages about which you will learn later in this post.

Restrictions of Travel Card

While there are a lot of benefits of using London travel card, there are some restrictions on these cards as well. The restrictions that you have to face depends on the type of card that you have purchased.

Day-Anytime: This card is valid for only one day and once you buy it, it will become invalid after 4:30 AM the following day.

Day Off-Peak: You can use this card from Monday to Friday during off peak hours. The card will not be valid on Saturday and Sunday and once you use it, it will be disabled at 4:30 AM the following day.

7-Day: This card can be used for 7 days. After 7 days, the card will become invalid at 4:30 AM. If you are in London for a week, this card is the best option for you.

Can London travel card be used on Airports?

You may be wondering if the London travel card can be used on Airports. Well, you can use it from Heathrow and London City Airports. In case you are traveling to Heathrow airport, you will need to have a Zone 1-6 travel card which will help you a lot in your travel.


In order to fly into London city airport, you will need a Zone 1-4 travel card. With the help of this card, you will be able to board DLR services into Central London.

The following airports are outside of Zone 6 and in this case, you will have to pay the transport fair.

  • Gatwick Airport
  • Luton Airport
  • Stansted Airport

London Travel Card Prices

The price of London travel card depends on the type of card you need. If you want to buy Day Anytime Travel Card, its pricing will be as followed.

  • Adult Zone 1-2: £8.40 – Child Zone 1-2: £4.20
  • Adult Zone 1-4: £10.60 – Child Zone 1-4: £5.30
  • Adult Zone 1-6: £15.80 – Child Zone 1-6: £7.90

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