London Transport Museum 2020 UK

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Your ultimate destination to all of London’s transport history! Are you residing in or visiting London and happen to be interested in all things transport?

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Are you also fascinated with all the history attached to it or what transport may come to in the future? Then we’ve got just the place for you!

London Transport Museum 2020 UK
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Celebrating its 40th anniversary this march, London Transport Museum is a Covent garden-based attraction, filled with interactive and engaging displays that help to preserve and talk about London’s transport heritage. From displays of retired-from-service vehicles to transport from the 18-1900’s, they’ve got you covered!

Being a culturally rich site for visits, the London transport museum offers a wide variety of engaging activities for families, friends, and lone visitors alike. Some of these activities include family stations, an interactive future engineer’s gallery, book corners, and play zones, a chance to drive a half bus, climb the tram and so much more.

There’s a ton of options for our cultural enthusiasts as well! From speculating the horse-driven Shillibeer Omnibus to the battle bus and the underground bullseye there are just loads to see! Moreover, there’s also included literature around all the sites which is great for visitors, genuinely interested in discovering things about each site.

Here’s a fun list of activities that we recommend to kick off your visit:

1. The Stamper Trail

This is a fun activity where you have to follow the trail all around the museum all while collecting stamps and learning more and more of the history of transport that the British capital consists of.  There are 13 stamps to be collected, in total, and since they are scattered throughout the museum, learning the story of British transport history becomes even more worthwhile!

2. The Underground Tube Simulator

This is an, especially fun for kids, activity as it involves allowing children to drive a tube train! Not only can they have a go at riding or driving buses and trains, but they can also make announcements and grab a toolkit and start repairs on the vehicles. The tube simulator is part of the All-aboard play zone, so kids have a handful of options of things to do and would hardly feel the need to get bored.

3. The Q-stock

For all our tube-train enthusiasts, they’ve got an underground display of the Q-stock, which is essentially the first advanced electrical tube train in the world and was constructed in 1938. The very last retired one, which was said to have traveled more than a million miles in its years in service, can be found in the display.

4. Interactive Future Engineers Gallery

Future engineers, this is your calling! The interactive future engineer’s gallery gives children and adults alike a chance to ‘fix’ and repair transport conundrums that even modern engineers face. Their futuristic palm-scanning ticket technology is an interesting foresight to possibilities in the future of London transportation. The entire display is filled with numerous interactive exhibitions and even gives a full range of jobs that are available in modern engineering. Truly a treat for all aspiring engineers!

5. Lower Deck Ice-cream Café

A much-needed ice cream break amid all this exploring? We couldn’t agree more! Thankfully, situated in the main museum area, is the lower deck ice cream shop. Consisting of a wide range of frozen treats including gelato, milkshakes and frozen yogurt, accompanied by toppings of all sorts, this part of the museum is a must-visit. The adults have options for freshly brewed coffee, as well.

6. Battle Bus

Located on the ground floor, the battle bus (B type) was the first successful mass-produced motor bus in 1910. Much commended in the museum and heritage awards 2019, the battle bus is a symbol of pride due to its significant contributions in the first World War. It was converted into a military troop carrier in 2014 and there is even a video of the documented process of converting it, on their website!

Easily spent hours of fun, right? Below is all the information you may need to know before your visit:

1. London Transport Museum Shop

The London Transport Museum shop has a wide range of posters, clothes, toys and chic homeware available online or in Covent Garden. They also offer many more souvenirs, limited-edition models and moquette designs. Commissioned and exclusive prints are available, too.

2. London Transport Museum Tickets

It’s even more of a treat if you have kids that enjoy transportation such as buses, trains, steam engines and much more as kids 17 and under get in free! What is even more exciting is with a one-time purchase of an adult ticket you get in free for a whole year. Tickets can be bought online, in-door and group packages are available, as well.

3. London Transport Museum Depot

The Depot is located in Acton, west London, and is a storage place for the collections that are too large to be facilitated in the main vicinity of the museum, such as the spiral escalator and much more. It does not open to the public on regular days; however, pre-booked guided tours can be made.

4. London Transport Museum London

An exclusive program by the name Hidden London is an interesting activity where individuals get to explore some of London’s “hidden” or “forgotten” tube train routes. Tours of retired stations and tunnels help uncover some of London’s rich history.

5. London Transport Museum Discount Codes

Discounts of about 25% are given to British military personnel and family associated when presenting valid Defense Discount Service card, military ID or veteran military ID. Purchasing tickets online helps saves a few bucks and ticket packages help save off as well!

6. London Transport Museum Opening Times

The museum itself opens from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm on Sunday till Tuesday and 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on Wednesday till Saturday. The same timings apply for the canteen and the lower deck ice cream cafe.

Address: Covent Garden, London WC2E 7BB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)343 222 5000



Latest updates: @ltmuseum

If you have time on your hand or you’re in a mood to know a bit history while being amazed and astounded, you need to take a tour here; it’s a must-visit attraction in London, indeed! That won’t disappoint.

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