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London Theatre Tickets – Can You Afford Them?

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Let Me Take You Back In History

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It was in 1808 when the New Covent Garden Theatre opened its gates for the first time in public but it was last year when a disastrous fire made the theatre hit the ground. London theatre tickets are not very cheap in the world. Expensive London theatre tickets are the price that you have to pay for living in a city like London.

London Theatre Tickets


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What Happened Next

The theatre, we discussed above was rebuilt within the same year and it is now open again for public. However the theatre started charging a lot of money to the public after its reopening which was a shocker for most of the people. People were quite upset about the raised London theatre tickets pricing. Finally, after 67 days, the theatre announced that the pricing has been changed again and now people will be able to buy tickets at the old price.

The Average Cost, Really?

The London theatre tickets have seen an enormous growth in their pricing since last many years and as per rough analysis, a normal ticket will cost you around £46.40. Now, if you compare this ticket price with the price of tickets in other cities of UK and even other cities of the world, these are totally insane.

The London theatre tickets price that we are talking about right now is the average price. It means that you can definitely buy a ticket that costs less than £46.40. However, there are London theatre tickets that will cost you more than £46.40 as well. In many cases, theatres have been seen charging £60-£70 per ticket from the viewers.

London Theatre Tickets

I hate expensive London Theatre Tickets

There is a huge majority of people including me, who don’t like to buy expensive London theatre tickets and that is the main reason why we go to buy discounted London theatre tickets. Just during this weekend, I had to buy some tickets for me and my friends and opted the discounted ticket way. I had to pay £39.50 plus a £3 booking fee for each ticket that I purchased. Now, this amount may not look enormous to many of you but if you go into the history, not far away, only a couple of years back, the same discounted London theatre tickets cost only £26.40.

The ticket that I bought for £39.50 in discounted price sells for £65 in face value. Of course, you don’t get the seats of your choice when you buy discounted London theatre tickets but something is better than nothing. When you can easily save around £20-£30 per ticket, who cares about the seating position?

London Theatre Tickets

What I’m trying to Say

The point that I’m trying to make here is not that I cannot afford expensive London theatre tickets or I love to sit on extreme sides of theatre in order to watch the show but the fact that ticket prices have gone insanely high in London. My question to you is can you afford these expensive London theatre tickets? What happened to good old times when you could simply go to a theatre and buy a ticket for your favorite show?

Today, you cannot just barge into a theatre and buy any ticket for any show you want. You have to plan this event accordingly. Those people on tight budget often start planning for a movie out night weeks before the event has to occur. This gives them enough time to save the money as well.

London Theatre Tickets

Save the Future

I know that there are a lot of people out there who can easily afford expensive London theatre tickets but you may not be among those people. The high prices of London theatre tickets not only affect me and you but these prices also affect the future of theatres as well. The internet has become too advanced and teenagers these days find it really difficult to leave their room let it be to dine with the family. In such situation, they would never want to pay £70 for a theatre ticket when they can watch the same show for free on their laptop/ tablet.

London Theatre Tickets

My concern here is not to reduce the prices of London theatre tickets for a short period of time but to come with a policy that will help the theatres maintain a healthy ticket price that will not be heavy on the pockets of common people and won’t let the theatre go bankrupt either.

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