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There is not anyone who would argue that the world today is not driven by technology. As the world has shrunk, technological advances have grown past all conceivable imaginations.


This being the case, the most successful and affluent parts of the world the last several years have quickly become those parts of the world that are most successful in the technological industries. So which region of the world is the current tech power? When asked this question, many people envision the same few places that have traditionally controlled the technology industries. Japan. China. The United States of America. However, there is a newcomer on the scene of technological capitals, and for those who haven”t been paying attention, London may have just snuck up and caught them by surprise.

London : Technology Capital of the World


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London Technology industry

The “technology industry in London” and the London area is absolutely exploding, propelling London a new status as casino online a bona fide capital of the industry. The number of Information Technology companies leasing office space in London has increased steadily at almost one hundred percent per year since 2011. In fact, outside of the United States, London has the largest number of technology companies backed by capital venture. In addition to the companies themselves, some 300,000 people rely on the income generated by support jobs that the technology businesses require. A number of major technology players on the global scale have taken up corporate offices in London, including Apple (Regents Park), Facebook (Covent Garden), and Google (Bonhill Street).


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The world did have some warning as to London”s quick rise to the national scale of technological production at the 2012 Olympics. For the opening ceremonies, the smallest and lightest 20,000 Im projectors were installed in the Olympic Stadium. A total of twenty-six of these projectors were installed around the stadium, and then projected a multi-dimensional montage of 40 years of British pop music on to a display at the center of the stadium.


Projection Mapping – London Technology

This was done with he revolutionary new technique known as “projection mapping” , where in the images from different projectors are coordinated according to precise measurements. These coordination allow virtually any surface to be turned into a multi-dimensional projection surface, regardless of material. This technique and design won the 2013 Prix InAVate for technological innovation.

Projection Mapping in London

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The business and economical upside based on the projectors and projection mapping technique alone is enormous; furthermore, more people have access to the Latest Home Projectors, but couple with the recent boom in business population, and worldwide powerhouses taking up business residence,there is no ceiling on London”s potential in the worldwide technology industry.

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