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Many companies in London do not want to leave the city for team building or corporate activities, as it can be time-consuming, let alone costly. And they don’t have to – with a lot of events and location for corporate entertainment available in the city. Team building or corporate entertainment event is very essential for any company in today’s high-stress work environment, in order to have a well-motivated team, which essentially means more productivity.



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There are several types and ways of having a Team building event/session, depending on the type of company, number of teams, as well as the company that host the event; and can vary from treasure hunting to wine tasting, cocktail making and many more.

Other activities like quad biking, clay pigeon-shooting etc can be organized outskirts of the city where it is more spacious and where teams can get away from the hustle-bustle of busy city life.

Treasure Hunt: The streets of London are the perfect setting for treasure hunts which can be specifically tailored to suit your group. The hunt takes your team on an exciting journey of exploring the history and sights of the historic city.

Office Wars Paintballing: Based in North London, the Office Wars Paint-balling activity is a very exciting and popular team building activity. The paintballing site, located in the county of Hertfordshire is only 20 minutes from central London, and is just 8 minutes walk from Bricketwood station. The site is also one of only a few paintball games sites with a pub on site, making it a perfect site for post-paintballing activity.

A Bridge Too Far: An activity involving the construction of a freestanding route way capable of transporting a golf ball from one end to the other, with a minimum of 1.5 hours and an ideal group size of 3 to 6 people. The objective of this activity is to stimulate the attitudes and behaviors of the team or organization working in remote groups for a common goal.

Balloon Tower: Construct a tower using only balloons! You will be given balloons and pumps at your disposal, and the team is tasked/challenge to construct a tower as high as the ceiling using only the balloons. The time limit of 20 minutes makes it a frantic fun learning of how to join balloons together.

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