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Complete guide of London Taxi Fares

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London Taxi fares are based on different situations for example, there are different fares for different types of Taxis. Another type is Meter counted fares which passenger have to pay at the end of the journey. Negotiated fare, for example passenger will not pay the meter counted fare if drive and passenger have decided a fixed fare before the start of the journey. But if you are looking for the meter based “London Taxi fares” then you will find that stuff here in this informative article. Meter counted fares are those which are calculated by the meter according to the distance travelled by the Taxi. Taxi fares in the London are also depend on the day time and speed of the Taxi. Detailed discussion about London Taxi fares is below. Before reading the Taxi fares its good to know what effect Taxi fares in London.

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Complete guide of London Taxi Fares


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Complete guide of London Taxi Fares

Things which effects Taxi fares in London

Day time, Day of the week, distance, speed, weather, public holidays and time taken by the passenger are the thing which effect fare prices in London. Now you can find what Taxi costs per mile or per Kilometre.

1. When the distance is 1 mile

When the distance is 1 mile it will approximately take about 6 – 13 minutes to complete the journey. It will cost about 5.60 to 8.80 £ during the day time. In the evening and night time it will cost about 5.60 – 8.80 and 6.80 – 9.0 £. In the public holidays the price will be same like daily nights, that is 6.80 – 9.0 £.

London Taxi fares for 1 Kilometer

2. When the distance is 2 miles

When the distance is two miles than Taxi will approximately take about 10 – 20 minutes to cover the distance. During the day time it will cost 8.60 – 13.80 £, in the evening fare will be 9.0 – 13.80 £ and during the night London taxi fares will be 10.0 – 14.40 £. Here too London Taxi fares for the public holidays will be same as Taxi fare in night for 2 miles.

London Taxi fares for 2 Kilometer


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3. When the distance is 4 miles – London Taxi Fares

When the distance for the journey increase to 4 miles than Taxi will take about 16 – 30 minutes to cover that distance. Taxi for 4 miles will cost about 15 – 22 pounds in day time, in evening London Taxi fares for 4 miles will be 16 – 22 £. For the night and public holidays Taxi fare will be about 18 – 27 £.

London Taxi fares for 4 Kilometer

4. When the distance is 6 miles

Taxi will take about 28 – 40 minutes to cover the distance of 6 miles. London taxi fares for the 6 mile distance will be about 23 – 29 £, for evening it will be 28 – 31 £ and for the public holidays and night Taxi fare will be about 28 – 33 £.

London Taxi fares for 6 Kilometer

5. Per mile rates for London taxi fares

For distance more than 6 miles Taxi will cost passenger 4 £ / mile. Minimum fare for the London Taxi is 2.24 £ and extra charges for the luggage will not be charged if it fits in the Taxi storage.

London Taxi fares for more than 6 Kilometer

So, this the information about “London taxi fares”. You can also calculate fare by multiplying total distance covered in miles with 4 £. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more useful and interesting stuff about London.

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