3 Most Dangerous London Street Gangs


London is not a place where majority of people are harmless which is the obvious reason why there are so many “London street gangs” causing disturbing crimes in different areas of city.


All the peace that city somehow has managed to maintain is because of countless security cameras that are working all around the city making it nearly impossible to do something bad without getting noticed and if we remove all that today then by tomorrow London will be no place for innocent people to live.

This city has a history of street gangs and that is our topic today. Lets have a look at some of the most dangerous London street gangs had or still has.

London Street Gangs


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3 Most Dangerous London Street Gangs

1. Ghetto Boys

Founded: 1980

Location: New Cross, South London

Territory: New Cross, Deptford Lewisham Catford in South London

This gang identifies themselves with color blue and members usually carry weapons that are hard to locate but effective when brought into fights and  making them dangerous and unpredictable. This gang had its peak in late 90s and early 2000 but as of today they are not that much strong anymore. They still exist and cause a lot of crimes but they are nothing compared to what they used to be which is a good news for London police department and people living in that grand city.

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2. Tottenham Mandem

Founded: 1970

Location:  Tottenham, North London

Territory: Tottenham and South Tottenham, in North London

This gang is in great power as of today even though founder of this gang was jailed nearly 10 years ago. Most of crime taking place in London today is because of these guys. What makes them dangerous and unpredictable is the fact that they don’t try to distinguish themselves from other by wearing different color or tattoos. They have hidden tattoos to be identified but they can’t be seen unless they show them to you. In most areas of London their name is enough to terrify anyone.

3. Peckham Boys:

Founded: 1990

Location:  Peckham, South London

Territory: Peckham (SE15), Walworth Road (SE17) and South Bermondsey (SE15/SE16)

These boys came to fame when they started their conflicts with Ghetto Boys back in 2000 s and since then they have been rolling streets of London causing a lot of damage to innocent people both financially and physically.  Even though several key members have been jailed this gang still continues to grow and expand and continue causing trouble to Metropolitan Police. As the names suggests, gang consists of young people mostly aging from 12 to 30 in most cases but members of other ages have been seen too.

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These are without any doubts most dangerous London street gangs and we strongly suggest you to stay away from these gang members probably as far as you possibly can. London is a busy city which helps these gangs do their dirty deeds without getting noticed most of the time but if you keep your eyes opened you can enjoy the place while staying safe and happy at the same time.

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