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London Passport Office Requirements & Packages for Urgent Passport

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Today we are going to discuss packages and requirements for an urgent passport in the “London passport office”. Getting an urgent passport of any country is usually more expensive than getting a passport with a normal procedure.

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There are different packages with different prices in the London passport office for an urgent passport. Those packages depend upon the age of the applicant, the number of pages in the passport and type of the application (for example, stolen passport, passport lost and damaged passport application).

Below is the list of passport package types and costs. But before that, we will give you contact details to book your appointment to order your passport.

London Passport Office Requirements & Packages for Urgent Passport


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How to book an appointment for the London Passport Office

If you need a passport urgently then you have to book an appointment before you reach the London passport office. To book an appointment you have to call the “passport advice line”, below are the adviceline contact details.


0300 222 0000

0300 222 0222


18001 0300 222 0000


Monday to Friday:

8 am to 8 pm

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

9 am to 5:30 pm.

So, these are the contact details for the London passport office adviceline. Now below are the passport package types.

1. Standard Adult 32 – Page passport

If you are going to apply for a standard 32 – page passport than book an appointment first. The fast track fees for standard adult 32 – page passport is 103 pounds and premium service of adult 32 – page passport costs 128 pounds.

2. Jumbo or 48 – page adult passport

48 – page passport called jumbo passport which costs more than a normal standard passport for adults. The premium service for jumbo adult passport costs 137 pounds and fast track service for jumbo adult passport costs 111 pounds.

3. Stolen or damaged adult passport

If you are going to replace a stolen, lost or damaged passport than premium service will not be offered to you. But you will be able to get your passport with fast track service and that will cost you the same as standard adult passport, mean 103 pounds.

4. First child passport

Premium passport service in the London Passport office is not available just like a stolen or damaged adult passport. But fast track service is available, which will cost you 87 pounds.

5. Renew a child passport

Both premium and fast track services are available for renewing a child’s passport. Premium service for renewing a child passport will cost you 106.50 pounds and fast track service will cost you 87 pounds just like first child passport.

6. Stolen and damaged child passport

Just like an adult, stolen passport premium service is also not available for a stolen child passport. Fast track service is available for it which will cost you 87 pounds.

7. Renewals for old British

Passport renewals for British national born on or before 2 September 1929 will cost less than all other passport types due to some specific reasons. Premium service will cost them 55 pounds and fast track service will cost them only 37 pounds.

These are all the details about passport types and their costs in the London Passport Office. But below is the difference between the fast track and premium service, I’m sure you are interested to know about that.

Fast track and premium service

Fast track service means you will get your passport within 1 week but if you have applied with premium service you will be able to get your passport on the same day.

So, these are the types and packages of UK passport.

Contact details for the London passport office are also present in this article which will help you in booking an appointment before you get to the London passport office. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for stuff.

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