London Metropolitan University, Things You Need To Know


London Metropolitan university is one of the best educational institutions in the world. According to The Guardian its UK’s 118th best university with vast areas on subjects and schools. University was founded in 2002 by the amalgamation of the University of North London and London Guildhall University. London Metropolitan university is the only largest university in London offering 160 degree courses to more than 28000 students from all over the world with buildings all over London and offices in different countries of the world. Moreover architecture department of the university was ranked 18th in 2012 by Guardian. There is a lot more to discuss about metropolitan university that’s why today we are going to list things you need to know about London Metropolitan University.


1. Offices In Asian Countries

London Metropolitan University is one of those English universities which maintain their offices in Asian countries specially in south Asian countries like India and Pakistan. University is maintaining its offices abroad in Lahore, Beijing, Chennai, Delhi, Dhaka and Logos.

london metropolitan university


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2. Nickname

London Metropolitan University also have a nickname that is London Met. University is commonly known by its nickname all over England and Wales.

3. Students from all over the world

As I mentioned above that there are more than 28000 students in Met among those students more than 7000 are from 155 countries of the world but mostly from Asian countries that are China, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

london metropolitan university international students

4. Dalai Lama Honorary Doctorate

In 2008 London Metropolitan University presented Dalai Lama with honorary Doctorate degree in philosophy for promoting peace in the world. But on the other hand this caused controversy among Chinese people who view Dlai Lama as responsible of unrest in Tibet and just because of this Chinese Migration agents stopped advising people about Met who want to study in United Kingdom.

5. Alcohol free zones

Met have created alcohol free zones because of Muslim students in the university who are 20% of Met population. University have created these zone so that Muslim students can take part more comfortably. This action of Met received positive response from students federation of Islamic societies.

Met alcohol free zones

6. License of sponsorship

Met is one of those English universities which can sponsor visas for students from non European Universities. Its sponsorship license  was suspended in July 2012 by UK home office but later Met took legal action against the decision and got its license back in April 2013. Now Met can again sponsor students from Non European countries.

7. Scholarships

London Metropolitan University invests over  £700,000 in its scholarship program to help students with academics achievements. The university also gives   £1000 to any of its international students who achieve A grade. Moreover students with Achievements in sports disciplines also get scholarships from Met.

Last words about things to know about London Metropolitan University

So, this is the list of interesting things anyone should know about Met. Met is one of the most popular universities among international students in world and we also recommend Met for higher education. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more interesting info about London.

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