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London Metropolitan University is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in London. This university is not only accommodating the local students but students from all parts of the world also come here to get higher education. What makes London Metropolitan University is its infrastructure and the course outlines. If you are coming from a country where English is not spoken, the university will enroll you in English language classes so you can get a better understanding of your subjects.

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This post is subjected to give you a brief overview of different courses that are being offered by London Metropolitan University to its students. We will be focusing on Undergraduate courses for the time being. If you are interested in knowing about postgraduate courses, please wait for our next post about London Metropolitan University as we will be covering that in the next post.

london metropolitan university courses

London Metropolitan University Courses 2020 UK

London Metropolitan University Courses 2020 UK

Undergraduate courses

  • Degrees including a foundation year
  • Accelerated degrees
  • Top-up degrees

Postgraduate Courses 2020 UK

  • Postgraduate teacher training courses
  • Research degrees
  • Professional courses

Accounting and Business Management BA (Hons)

If you are into Accounting and Business Management and want to pursue your career in the respective field then there is no better educations institute for you than London Metropolitan University. Their BA Hons course in Accounting and Business Management is designed to equip you with sound knowledge of the industry so you can easily find a job after graduating from the campus.

Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)

This course may seem quite similar to Accounting and Business Management but London Metropolitan University has made sure that its students can learn about specialized fields at the undergraduate level. That is the main reason why Accounting is included in both Business Management and Finance courses.

Advertising, Marketing Communication and Public Relations BA (Hons)

Another undergraduate course that will help you a lot to excel in your career is BA Hons in Advertisement and Communication Skills. This course will teach you about Advertisement and how this industry works but most importantly, you will learn how to market your products, communicate with your clients and make good relations with other people in the same industry. Once you will master all these skills, there will be nothing holding you back from becoming a successful person.

Animation BA (Hons)

The animation industry has emerged as one of the most outstanding and challenging fields in today’s world. As an animator, not only you can make lifelike models and prototypes for companies that produce products for consumer benefits but you can also play a vital role in any upcoming animated movie as well. Animators are paid very well because most of the work is dependent on their skills. There is no better place in the world to learn Animation than London Metropolitan University.

Applied Biomedical Sciences BA (Hons)

While some people want to become doctors or engineers, there are some other people who want to be able to work in both fields simultaneously. Applied Biomedical Sciences course offered by London Metropolitan University will equip you with knowledge of both engineering and medical fields. After graduating, you will be able to secure a job in a hospital, pharmaceutical company or a medical instruments making company. In short, the future is quite promising.

Architecture BA (Hons)

We all had that dream to become an architect when we were kids. If you still have the same dream then London Metropolitan University can help you turn it into reality. The four year BA Hons course in Architecture offered by LMU is one of the finest courses you will find in the country. There is no way that you can miss this course because such opportunities don’t come often in life.

Art Media and Design Extended Degree

There is no color and fun in life if you have no interest in Art and Media. There was a time when artists were made out of their personal disguise but today, there are prestigious institutes like London Metropolitan University that will help you become an expert in Art, Media, and Design. The university is offering an extended degree in this course. You can simply get yourself enrolled and pass out with a degree in art and design.

Aviation Management BA (Hons)

The world has become really advanced with the passage of time. In order to run the aviation system, airlines and airports need the help of such people who are skilled with knowledge of aviation. London Metropolitan University is offering an Aviation Management course in the undergraduate category. After passing out, you can get a job at an airport or also get hired by an aviation company as well.

London Metropolitan University Course Catalogue

All coursed details you can visit the university website.

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