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Best London Food Blogs & Websites 2020 You Should Follow

London Food Lovers – Food Lover’s Guide To London

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There are a lot of popular best UK food blogs on the internet that originate from London. Finding the “best London food blogs 2020 UK” can be a difficult task because most of the blogs cover different types of food items and cuisines.

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However, we have conducted a little research for you guys and made a list of best London Food blogs 2020. You will be amazed to know how many great UK food bloggers 2020 are working in London city and these are not just bloggers but real chefs who create unique recipes and share them with their readers on their blogs.

Best London Food Blogs & Websites 2020 You Should Follow

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List of  Top and Best London Food Blogs or Website 2020 UK

1# Belleau Kitchen – Best London Based Food Blog

The author of this blog is not only a blogger but a great chef too. He moved to Belleau around 10 years ago and since that time, he has been settled in this beautiful London town. From his workplace, he runs this “London food blog” to share his experiences, experiments and recipes with his readers. The overall look of the blog is quite rough, I must say but it doesn’t mean that the quality of recipes shared on the blog is also compromised. We have found some really interesting and unique food recipes on this blog and we are pretty sure that these recipes cannot be found anywhere else.

There is a section about “Random Recipes” on this blog and in this section, different recipes are randomly sharded. This makes it really fun to visit the blog because you never know what recipe will be appearing in front of your eyes.

Belleau Kitchen - Best London Based Food Blog

2# Cheese and Biscuits – Best London Food Blog or Websites To Follow in 2020

Cheese and Biscuits is a different type of London food blog. This is totally different than other traditional blogs that are available on the internet and that is what makes it stand out in the crowd. The food items and recipes covered in this blog revolve around cheese and biscuits and that is why the name of the blog is also “Cheese and Biscuits” too. Apart from food recipes being shared on this blog, the best places to eat cheese made foods are also covered as well.

The people behind this blog have put some good effort in finding out the “best places to eat snacks in London” so if you are a snack lover then Cheese and Biscuits is the blog that you need to follow religiously.


 3# Eat Like a Girl | Best London Food Blog 2020 UK

Those of you who not only want to learn new cooking recipes but also want to know about the best places to eat in London should follow “Eat like a Girl” blog. This blog is run by Niamh who is fond of travelling, eating and cooking delicious food items. She is an Irish girl who is settled in London and since she is fond of eating and travelling, she cares to share the interesting information with her readers as well. Most of the recipes shared on her blog are of her own but she also shares any recipe that she finds interesting and new.

She also gives cooking lessons and classes as well. For that purpose, you will have to contact her and make an appointment. To make things more fun for you, she also arranged food tours as well. It means, you can book a food tour with her and she will take you to her favourite places to eat in London. For food lovers in London, this is definitely the “best London food blog” because the information that you can find here cannot be found anywhere else.

Eat Like a Girl | Best London Food Blog 2019


4# Food Stuff Finds – Best UK Food and Cooking blog 2020

This London food blog is totally different from other food blogs that we have reviewed so far. If you want to know about snack recipes and reviews, chocolate, crisps and much more then “Food Stuff Finds” is the place where you need to be. Those of you who are after curry or any other traditional food recipes shouldn’t find anything of interest in this blog. However, if you are interested in to making non-traditional food items to decorate your dining table with then Food Stuff Finds is the “best London food blog” for you.

Snack food items are divided into different categories on this blog. Some of the most popular snack categories shared on the blog include; Aero, Beer, Biscuits, Breakfast Bars, Cadbury, Cakes, Cereal, Cheese, Chocolate, Coffee, Desserts and Drinks etc. If you are planning to throw a party at your house and you are wondering what you should make for guests then the answer to all your problems is given on this one single blog.

Food Stuff Finds - Best UK Food and Cooking blog 2019

5# Curry Guy – Top UK Food Blog 201920

There is no denying in the fact that a lot of Londoners are fond of Indian food recipes and that is the main reason why Curry Guy has become so famous over the years. The title of the blog reads, “Indian Food Recipes” made easy by The Curry Guy and that looks completely true once you start reading the recipes shared on this blog.

To make things even easier for you, the recipes have been divided into different categories. In Beef curry recipe category, you will find different recipes that can be used to cook delicious food curry. Biryani is one of the most famous Indian dishes and there are more than one ways to make it hence it is also given a separate category on the blog. Some other categories on this London food blog include; Chicken Curry, Fish Curry, Indian Chutney Recipes, Indian Desserts and much more.

Curry Guy - Top UK Food Blog 2019

6# Ms Marmite Lover – London Food Blogger You Need To Follow

If you are searching for traditional food recipes that are liked by local Londoners then Ms Marmite Lover’s blog is the best place for you. We found her work very different and unique. Not only food recipes are shared on this blog but along with those recipes, actual pictures of ingredients and the cooking process pictures are also displayed. So if you find it difficult to follow simple cooking recipes, this blog will make your life easier. Just open any food recipe on the blog and keep looking at the pictures to follow the steps properly.

You can learn how to use ingredients available in-home to cook delicious food items. You can learn to make cocktails, juices and desserts as well. I must add here again that all the recipes shared on this “London food blog” are pretty unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. Just use the recipes given on this blog and make an impression in front of your family.

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Ms Marmite Lover - London Food Blogger You Need To Follow

7# The London Foodie – London’s most influential foodies

The London Foodie is another food, travel and wine-related blog originating from London. The blog is run and managed by Luiz Hara who was born in Brazil but he got his education from the UK and now he is settled in London. He runs this blog not only to promote his line of business but also to share interested food-related information with his readers as well. Just one visit to his blog will tell you the entire story about it and you will surely fall in love with this “London food blog”.

If you are thinking that on this blog, you will find information related to London food only then you are wrong because Luiz Hara himself is a multicultural man whose parents are from two different countries, Japan and Italy. It simply means that he is going to share some interesting and unique food recipes with you from all over the world.

The London Foodie - London's most influential foodies

8# Tinned Tomatoes – Top & Best British Food Blog

The name of this London food blog may be “Tinned Tomatoes” but don’t think for a while that all the recipes that you will find here need tomatoes. The name is definitely unique and stands out and that is one of the many reasons why this is a “famous London food blog”. However, the name is not the only thing that makes this blog famous but it is the effort and hard work put by the owner of this blog in making different food items and sharing the recipes with her readers.

The recipes on this blog are divided into properly managed categories so you can find the best kind of food recipe for you. There are baby/ toddler recipes category, bread & rolls, cakes, desserts, curry, cookie & biscuits, Ice Cream, Jam, Chutney, Curd, Pasta, Italian, Chines and Thai food categories to name a few.

Tinned Tomatoes - Top & Best British Food Blog

9# Utterly Scrummy Food For Families – Top & Best UK Food Blogger

This is perhaps one of the most properly managed London food blog we have seen in a while. People working in the food industry are not good at designing websites and blogs so we have to give them benefit of doubt here. However this little London food blog is not only properly organized but the food recipes are available in huge variety as well.

Utterly Scrummy Food For Families - Top & Best UK Food Blogger


10# The English Kitchen – Best English Kitchen Recipes in London

This London food blog works on the simple logic of taking one step at a time so they share such food recipes with you in which you can easily cook delicious food without digesting a lot of information. Most of the food blogs and their recipes will make you confused but The English Kitchen has got something special for you. You will love the dessert recipes shared on this blog and once you make those recipes, your family will love you in return.

The English Kitchen - Best English Kitchen Recipes in London

11# My Fussy Eater – Healthy Eating Recipe in Londoner

Leading family food blogs 2019 in the UK.

My Fussy Eater - Leading family food blogs in the UK.

12# The Picky Glutton | Best London Restaurant Reviews Blog

The Picky Glutton | London restaurant reviews

13# Samphire and Salsify – London food blog with Restaurant Reviews


Samphire and Salsify - London food blog with Restaurant Reviews


14# Supergolden Bakes: Best London Food Blogger UK

Supergolden Bakes: Best London Food Blogger


15# The Flexitarian – Best Vegetarian & Began recipes in London

The Flexitarian - Best Vegetarian & Began recipes in London

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