London Fashion Week 2014 is going to start within a week


London Fashion Week 2014 is one of the top fashion shows in the world, and one of the top catwalks organizers as well. LFW is organized by the British Fashion Council, and funded by many sponsorship companies. Estimation of orders in each session of London fashion week 2014 is almost hundred million pounds. Group of news writers, journalists, TV reporters, photographers visits as guest in this event for promotions as well.


London Fashion Week 2014

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London Fashion Week 2014 Date

14  to 18 February 2014

09.30-19.00 (closing at 18.00 on 18 February

Dates of London fashion week for February 2014 have been announced. Show is going to start from 14 February, and will remain till 18 February. Means, LFW is only a week away.This time LSW session will be SS14. Furthermore, 60 cat shows scheduled along with LFW.

Guests are now thinking about this session, and are in the thinking of what they are going to wear this time. Although, there are many top designers in UK, where they can check the latest updates.

British Fashion Council(BFC) has been launched many services for their visitors already. is the official website for someone who wants to get latest updates and trends related to fashion shows and catwalks. In the website, someone can find all the related categories like showrooms, schedules, events, and the sponsorship offers.

One other good source is the LFW magazine, where someone especially women can view images, news, and updates regarding sessions as well.

It’s time to excitement, because in London fashion week 2014, much more fun is going to happen. Excitement and anticipation will surely boost before a night.

After the show, you not only get latest fashion trends and styles, but also it gives the opportunity to wear something different by adding some extra stuff.

One thing someone would love about this London fashion week, as always, how models express the latest clothes trends with her catwalks, and in photo-shoots.

This Fashion week will give not only the visitors to prepare for this show, but also it’ll give designers which shows many ready made designs and accessories via their presentations. And digital fashion shows are the great advancements in this era.

Exhibiting Designers

  1. Georgina Goodman – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2001
  2. Shanit Elkayam-Adam – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2002
  3. Marloes Ten Bhomer – Design Products graduate, 2003
  4. Eelko Moorer – Design Products graduate, 2005
  5. Tracey Banks – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2006
  6. Heather Blake – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2006
  7. Mara Hjelm – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2007
  8. Nina Hjorth – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2008
  9. Chau Har Lee – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2009
  10. Maurice Van Der Stouwe – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2012
  11. Tariq Mahmoud – Fashion Menswear Footwear graduate, 2012
  12. Aku-Petteri Backstrom – Fashion Menswear Footwear graduate, 2012
  13. Rachel Chang – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2013
  14. Julia Thomas – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2013
  15. Iva Minkova – Fashion Womenswear Footwear graduate, 2013
  16. Ellen Sampson – Fashion Womenswear PhD student

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