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Top 10 London Fashion Blogs 2020 UK You Should Follow

UK Fashion Bloggers – Popular London Fashion Blogs

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According to me, London is a fashion hub in the world, the world’s top fashion experts and cosmetics companies are from London.

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London’s fashion week is also very popular all over the world for introducing new fashion in the industry.

London’s young generation especially girls are also fashion addicts, some girls also run fashion blogs that can help you know about the latest fashion trends.

List top 10 London Fashion Blogs 2020 UK

Blog # 1. This Or That 

This or that is one “most popular fashion blogs from London”. The girl behind this fashion blog is Melanie Crete. This or that was also featured in national newspapers and popular websites.

this or that


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Blog # 2. I want you to know 

Here is another popular fashion blog from London. Kristabel is the girl behind this fashion blog, she is a knitwear designer who blogs about almost every fashion topic and also covers different exhibitions on her blog.

i want you to know

Blog # 3. Nicely turned out 

Nicely turned out is also one of the popular London fashion blogs. It’s also known as the London street fashion blog. They always explore new ways in fashion you can also win different fashion kits in their giveaways.

nicely turned out - london fashion blogs

Blog # 4. The London Lip Gloss

Zoe London is the blogger who manages The London Lip Gloss. According to her, she shares her fashion world with her fans and followers. Moreover, she also recommends her favorite music to her readers.

the london lip gloss

Blog # 5. The Style Scout

The Style Scout is a very old London fashion blog. It’s covering London’s fashion for 7 years. The blog also offers an iPhone app for better browsing on iOS devices.

the style scout

Blog # 6. Shiny thoughts

Lucy runs this fashion blog, she is also a fashion designer. She covers street fashion and different fashion events from around the world.

shiny thoughts

Blog # 7. Anna Lou Fashion Blog

Anna Lou fashion blog covers the latest fashion trends in street fashion, glasses, jewelry and all types of clothes.

anna lou fashion blog

Blog # 8. Where did you get that

Where did you get that is maintained by Karen, she is from London but currently living in New York? She will tell you about the best dresses available in the market.

where did you get that

Blog # 9. Two Kools – Best Fashion Blog 2020 UK

Two Kools is another one of the “best London fashion blogs”. Which covers the latest fashion trends just like recently introduced “graphics shirts”.

two kools

Blog # 10. Liberty London Girl

Liberty London Girl not only covers fashion related things, but they also cover food and music.

liberty London girl

So, this is the list of London fashion blogs 2020 UK you should follow. If you want to add your fashion blog on this list then contact us.

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