7 Cheap & Best London Building Toy for Your Kids 2018


If you visit London or your kids love London City then you will buy “best London gifts for your kids”. Below is best list of London Toys Collection.

Gift 1# London Tower Bridge Toy

This pretty and colorful Tower bridge of London building block is a very amazing gift for kids and other people. The set is 1033 pieces and has world biggest architecture series.

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London Tower Bridge Toy

Gift 2# London Big Ben Toy – Best Gift

This is one of the most beautiful and high quality toys. It is a Big Ben of London building block that is a set of 1642 pieces set with high quality blocks. This London toy gift can be the best gift for the birthday or any other occasion.

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London Big Ben Toy


Gift 3# Wooden 3D Puzzle London Tower Bridge

This is another high quality toy gift you can buy from Amazon. It is a pure wooden 3D puzzle that makes London Tower bridge. The wooden that is used in the toy is purely high quality and has no toxic or harmful ingredient.

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Wooden 3D Puzzle London Tower Bridge


Gift 4# Blue & Grey London building

This beautiful blue and gray LEGO London toy can be bought from Amazon is the very reasonable price. The size of the toy is about 13.2″x6.1″ = (33.6×15.5cm) with 1228 Pieces in the box that includes instruction along with comprehensive pictures.

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Blue & Grey London building


Gift 5# LEGO Big Ban building Kit

This one is an amazing and premium gift for the one you love. The Lego building blocks come with a complete piece of the Westminster palace as well as the next-door Elizabeth. Plus you can also take out the top of the tower to get to the big Ben bell.

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LEGO Big Ban building Kit


Gift 7# Colorful Magnetic Blocks

Buy these amazing magnetic Building Blocks that comes in 76+1 Pieces and has ABS Safety Plastic. For your convenience instruction booklet is also included in the set. this can be very creative and educational gift for kids.

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Gift 8# Golden London Bridge

The London bridge model in 3d is the one you would like to buy for anyone you want to gift. This built-up model is all you need. This cool toy in golden Metal Puzzle London Tower Bridge Jigsaw Toy for adult and Kids is best to buy at reasonable price. 

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Golden London Bridge