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London Bridge Facts you Never Knew

Interesting facts about London Bridge you must know


London Bridge is one of the best tourist attractions in the London. London Bridge is very popular in the whole world not only due to its historical importance but also due to its geographical importance. London Bridge was a stone-arched bridge but in late 90s it was rebuilt with concrete and steel. London Bridge is maintained by “Bridge House Estates” and the A3 road on it is maintained by “Greater London Authority”. Today we will discuss some interesting things about this bridge and will also give our readers some basic info about London Bridge.


London Bridge Facts and other information

1. River that crosses London Bridge

Every Big bridge in the world is made on the rivers, same here for this bridge. But which river crosses this great bridge? The river which crosses London Bridge is one of the England’s famous rivers, that is river Thames.

River that crosses London Bridge


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2. Length and width of London Bridge

Here we will talk about the Length and width of the “modern London Bridge”. The length of the bridge is 269 meters or 882.5 ft. But the width is 32 m or 105 ft and that quite reasonable for a good A3 road on it. The longest span of the bridge is 104 m or 341.2 ft.

Length and width of London Bridge

3. Clearance point

Clearance point is the height of the objects for under passing. The clearance point for the this bridge of London is 8.9 m or 29.2 ft. So objects higher than 29.2 ft can’t pass through bridge of London.

4. Road type on the London Bridge

London Bridge has one of the finest road types in the London. The 5 lanes of A3 road on this bridge is also one of the busiest roads in the London. The nearest underground rail stations to the Bridge are Monument and London bridge.

Road type on the London Bridge

5. Type, design and rebuilt of the London Bridge

This bridge is one of the oldest river crossing in the United Kingdom. This bridge was made of only wooden in AD 50, than it was rebuilt as Medieval stone arch in 1176 and that position of the Bridge stands till 1832. So, in 1832 it was rebuilt as Victorian stone arch and then later in 1971 it was rebuilt with modern material and hence it’s called “Modern Bridge” that was opened for public in 17 March 1973.

5. Type, design and rebuilt of the London Bridge

6. London Bridge in Literature

There is a rhyme called “London Bridge is falling down”, which show you a complete photo of the built and rebuilt of this historical bridge. This rhyme also gives us information about historical collapses of the bridge.

7. Who is the architect of Tower Bridge London?

The design and construction process of the modern bridge of London was monitored by a famous architecture. Who is Michael Leeming, This great bridge project is one of the great projects of the Michael Leeming and he feels proud about that.

So, these are the some facts about London Bridge. If you’re are going to visit London than you should visit this bridge because it’s not only a historical place but it’s also a good place for fun. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more interesting stuff about London.

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