Top 4 London Best Tattoo Studios


Today we are talking about “London’s best tattoo studios” because the number of people with tattoos with amazing speed and so are tattoo studios making it painfully hard to decide where you need to go to get the best colours. We live in modern world today where people are using different things to make them stand out from the crowd. Those things include unusual (mostly stupid) hair styles, dressing styles and yes tattoos.


Many people love to speak against tattoos and consider people with ink bad and uneducated but we are against them. Tattoos are a good way to not only distinguish yourself from others but also display your message to the world. Today is a lovely day for Londoners because we are going to show the London’s best tattoo studios to get tattoos of your choice.

London Best Tattoo Studios


Top 4 London Best Tattoo Studios

Studio # 1 : Diamond Jacks Tattoo

Address: 5 Walker’s Court London

Phone: 20 7437 0605

Hours Opened: 12:00–7:00 pm

One of the finest places to get yourself inked is this parlor in west London. They have been working for years and years now and have built a reputation of most trust worthy and amazing tattoos parlor in all of London. If you are getting your first tattoo then look no further than Diamond Jacks Tattoos.


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Studio # 2 : Frith Street Tattoo – London Best Tattoo Studios

Address: 18 Frith Street, London W1D 4 RQ

Phone: 20 7734 8180

Hours Opened: 12:00-8:00 pm

What makes this studio stand out from the rest is the quality it has in form of talented, expert and work loving artists. They are friendly and intelligent to do their jobs perfectly making this studio one of the highly ranked studio in London.


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Studio # 3 : New Wave Tattoo

Address: 157 Sydney Road,, London N10 2 NL

Phone: 020 8444 8779

Hours Opened:  10:30 am – 5:30 pm

If you are looking to get some complex yet intelligent and meaningful tattoo work done then there is not better place to go but New Wave Tattoos. As the name suggests, they focus on new tattoo trends and actually make trends. In short words, an amazing place that you can trust to get tattoos that make you look much better.


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Studio # 4 : Jolie Rouge Tattoo – London Best Tattoo Studios

Address : 364 Caledonian Road, London N1 1DU

Phone: 020 7609 5111

Hours Opened:  11:30 am – 7:00 pm

It provides you quality artists, it provides you quality work that lasts, it makes you look and feel better but most importantly it makes you feel like you are sitting at home getting work done on your skin. They don’t just put tattoos on your skin but they interact with you in somewhat such addictive way that you feel like you should go there again and again.


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London’s best tattoo studios include many other names too but we tried to keep list as small and accurate as we possibly could. Not that you have clear idea about where to go and get yourself tattooed cheer it up by subscribing to our Newsletter to get many more posts like this one. Share the post to your loved ones to let them know too because sharing is caring.

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