London Activities For Kids

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There are plenty “London activities for kids” but before we go on and cover them, we want you to answer this little question. Do you know the important reason why London is so popular and so important for United Kingdom? Because it has something for everyone.

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Adults go there for dating, students go there to ensure their futures are according to their plans, business people go there to take their business to the next levels and kids along with their families go there to have some good quality time and sweet memories that stay with them for rest of their lives.



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Therefore, we have decided to give a list of some options that you have as a parent in London to entertain your kids. In short words we are listing some London activities for kids that you as an adult can enjoy with them. So here we go.

London Activities For Kids

1 # London Activities For Kids – Swimming Pools

Kids of always love water and most importantly swimming pools. It doesn’t matter if they know how to swim or not but they will always love beautiful places such as swimming pools. Moreover, ability to swim is good for anyone because you never know when you may be in trouble in your life. Therefore, it is a good idea to take your kids to some good swimming pools in London since it is summer and sun is burning. We have given the best ones of them below for you to decide easily.

Suggested Places:

  • Ironmonger Row Baths @ 1-11 Ironmonger Row, EC1V 3QF
  • Central YMCA @ 112 Great Russell St, WC1B 3NQ
  • Oasis Sports Centre @ 32 Endell St, WC2H 9AG ,
  • Golden Lane Leisure Centre @ Golden Lane Estate, Fann St, EC1Y 0SH



2 # Museums – London Activities For Kids

Museums are always a good place for Kids to go because there they not only learn a lot about different things such as their history, animals and historic building but they also become more intelligent and sharp and they start thinking about different things. That is why it is strongly suggested by teachers that parents should take their kids to different museums as often as possible.

Suggested Places:

The good news is that all these museums are 100% free. You won’t have to spend any money at all.

  • British Museum @ 44 Great Russell St, WC1B 3DG
  • Natural History Museum @ Cromwell Rd, SW7 5BD
  • National Maritime Museum @ Romney Rd, SE10 9NF
  • Science Museum @ Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD

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3 # Sports/Other Events

Kids like sports and there are plenty of them going on in London at all times. You know exactly what you kids like hence take them to some events of their tastes and that they will never forget it. Those events can be anything from music shows, kids shows, Cricket matches, Tennis exhibitions you name it.

Some kids also like to be a part of show because they have some talent such as singing or acting. You, as a parent should allow these kids to participate and then take them to shows accordingly. That will boost their self confidence.

Suggested Events:

  • Wimbledon
  • Tour de France
  • City of London Festival

For more details on events in London, read our another post right here on LondonBeep called ‘Outdoor Events In London for Summer 2014

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4 # Boat Surfing – London Activities For Kids

As we said in the start, kids love water in almost all of its shapes. But they don’t like anything more than being in a boat in water. And there is no better place for boat surfing than London’s world wide known Hyde Park. There you can get Motor Boats as well as Peddle Boats to help yourself.

Suggested Place:

  • Hyde Park

Boat Surfing


5 # Ice Rink

Ice Rinks are one of the best London Activities For Kids. Not all kids like Ice Rinks but most of them do. If your kids like Ice Surfing then take them to Ice Rinks and they won’t ask you for anything else. Being there will make them more athletic and they will easily understand their physical abilities or limitations. Just make sure that you only let them enter Ice Rink once they have all the safety things on such as Knee pads and elbow pads because you would not want your entertainment trip to end as a tragedy.

Suggested Place:

All these Ice rinks are indoor so your kids will not have any danger of being affected by whether.

  • Alexandra Palace Ice Rink @ Alexandra Palace Way, N22 7AY
  • Lee Valley Ice Centre @ Lea Bridge Rd, E10 7QL
  • Michael Sobell Leisure Centre @ Hornsey Rd, N7 7NY
  • Streatham Ice Arena @ 386 Streatham High Rd, London, SW16 6HT

Ice Rinks


6 # Zoo With Plenty of Animals

Go and move around in entire London and you won’t be able find a single kid who dislikes Zoo. That is because they find everything they want to see in front of them. Taking your kids to such places will do multiple things for them. They will be able to recognize more animals which will be directly good for their studies and general knowledge.

They will easily understand how animals live and what they do and how they are different than human beings. They will also know the history of most animals which will make them animals life saviour once they grow up as they would know that there are not many of animals remained on this planet and they need to be saved.

In short it will do more benefits that we can possibly count. Hence, it is a wise idea to take your kids to such places. Some of the best Zoo in London have been given below.

Suggested Place:

  • ZSL London Zoo @ Regent’s Park Outer Circle, Primrose Hill, London, NW1 4RY
  • Battersea Park Children’s Zoo @ Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ

And here they are. These are some “London Activities For Kids”. As said in the start of this post, London has something for everyone and these are some great London activities for kids. Go there with them and provide them good entertainment. Have fun and remember to share this post with your loved ones.


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If there is anything else you would like to add to this post or you would like to share your experience, we truly welcome you because that would help other parents like you who come to read this article.

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