A List Of Top Communities Living In London

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London is one of the world’s most ethically diverse cities in the world. Where you can find and meet people of almost any nation in the world. There could be many reasons behind the such ethical diversity. For example, London is one of the best place in the world to get a better education, so people go their for higher education. Its a best place to market your business, so people go to London for business purpose. Its one of the best tourist spots in the world, so people go for hangout their and their could be many other reasons behind ethical diversity of the London. In London you will see people from Africa, people from Asia, people from Europe, people from Australia and from all other continents on the earth. But among all these people some nations are more in number than others like Indian and Pakistani make 10 % of the London’s whole population. To discuss these communities in detail today we will list top communities living in London, list starts now.

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1. Indian

Indian’s constitutes 6.6 percent of London’s population. Which is 542857 in numbers. That’s really a large number of outsiders in a foreign country. Indian community is not only populous in London but its also have served London a lot. Indians are playing in the England’s national cricket team and they are also working in Hollywood. Naseer Husain, Monty Panisar, Ravi Bopara and Dev Patel are the  best examples of the popular Indians in UK.

Dev Patel ( Actor )


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2. Pakistani

Pakistanis constitutes almost 2.7% percent of the London’s population and that’s about 223797 in numbers. Like Indian community, Pakistani community is also very popular in London and all over England. British Pakistanis are musicians, sports person, media person,entrepreneurs and business people. For example, Amir Khan ( Boxer ), Natasha Khan ( Musician ) and Mishal Husain ( Journalist ).

Mishal Husain ( Journalist )

3. Bangladeshi – communities living in London

Here comes the discussion about Bangladeshi Brits. Like Pakistan they are also 2.7% of London’s population. Bangladeshi are taking part in politics, education and business in London and United Kingdom. Rushanara Ali is the first Bangladeshi British who is now MP and many other Bangladeshi are running their restaurants, shops and other businesses.

Rushanara Ali ( Politician )

4. British Chinese

Chinese people can be found in any part of the world same here in London. Chinese people constitutes about 1.5 percent of the London’s population. Chinese people are mostly in IT field but they are also singers, businessmen, sports people and media persons.

Vanessa Mae ( Musician )

5. Black Caribbean

Black Caribbean constitute about 4.4 percent of London’s population which is about 344000 in numbers. Although Black Caribbean are still unable to make positive image there but they are also serving nation by playing cricket, football, boxing and motor sport.

Goldie ( DJ ) - Communities Living In London


So, this is a list of top communities living in London. If we again have a look on the list than we will come to know that Asian community is more populous in United Kingdom and among Asian people, people from south Asia are greater in number like Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshi. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more info about London.

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