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Well it is not common to have two or more than 2 cities with common names in same country. But when we look around the world than we come to know about many places which have common names. So, like humans cities and places also have common names but there is one thing different about places with same names. That is, you could find many famous people with the same name but when you observe places there would only single most popular place with a particular name. For example when you will talk about “London”, UK’s capital city hits everyone’s mind and none will think about London islands or any other place having London in its name. But it’s interesting to know about different places in the world with common name. That’s why today we are going to list places with name London.


1. London, Ontario, Canada

First place here in this list of place with name London is London, Ontario, Canada. London is a city in the Ontario province of Canada. Interesting thing is that London city was settled by the Europeans in 1801 – 1804 but than in 1826 it became a village due to increase in its population. But later on it quickly turned into a city in 1855. This city has developed a deep focus on health, education, industry and tourism and it is also popular as a famous tourist spot in Canada. Another interesting fact about London Ontario is that “River Thames” also cross this city as London, United Kingdom. Famous Fanshawe college and University of Western Ontario is also located in London which makes it a popular education centre. This London was named after the capital city of United Kingdom “London city”.

London, Ontario, Canada - Places with name London
London, Ontario, Canada – Places with name London

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2. London Island

London Island is found in the Chile and it is in south of Cockbrun channel. There is another island in the Chile with a name related to London. That is Londonderry Island, which is also called cook island. London Island which is mentioned first here, is only passage between canal Ballenero and canal Cockburn.

London Island Chile
London Island Chile

3. London, Burgundy – places with name London

This London is a small village in the Burgundy, France and 50 miles from south of Dijon. A marketing company belonging to this village sponsored an egg and spoon race in the London Olympics 2012 and than they claimed that they were the biggest sponsor of the event. But actually that’s not true.

London, France
London, France

4. East London, Eastern Cape

This is one of the popular places with name London. This is also another popular city with the name London and this city was established in 1872. It is located in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Interesting thing about this city is that many popular south African cricket players belong to East London. City population is consisted of 135000 individuals, and the leading race there is of Black people which consist of the 50% of the city population, 30% are white and 20% are Asian, Indian and coloured.

East London, South Africa
East London, South Africa

5. London Kiribati

This island is also one of the places with name London. London is a small settlement on Kirimati island in Kiribati which is an islands nation consisting of many small islands. The population of this London is about 1850 individuals. It is also a second largest village in Kirimati.

London Kiribati
London Kiribati

So, this is the list of some places with name London. An important thing to notice here is that all these place with name London are not in United Kingdom but are in other countries. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more interesting information about London.

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