10 Best Law firms in London

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There are numerous Law firms in London and good news for you is that they are all world class or most of them. But you may be wondering now what is a law firm? What is it supposed to mean and what it stands for? A Law firm is a combination of lawyers who decide to built a firm to work together.

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They do all the things that all normal lawyers do and only different is that they are united and they help each other instead of like normal lawyers who are always trying yo pull each other’s legs. History has shown that law firms suggest better thing, defend you in a good way and are very likely to solve just about any kind of case that is put in front of them. Today we have decided to show you the “top law firms in London” so you can get the help you want. Here we go.

10 Best Law firms in London


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All of Law firms that we have listed here are among the highest revenue earning law firms in the world and they all have incredible respect among people of London.

10 Best Law firms in London

Law firm # 1 : Norton Rose Fulbright

Number of Offices: 50+

Number of Lawyers: 3800+

Date Founded: 2013

Official Website:

Honestly it has not been a long time since this law firm started but the impact that they have made now in one and a half year is extremely impressive. Today they are among the most trust worthy and high earning law firms in the whole world and they have got no other law firms in London with the ability to beat them. They are the very best at what they do.

Law firm # 1 : Norton Rose Fulbright - Law firms in London


Law firm # 2 : Linklaters – Best Law firms in London

Number of Offices: 29+

Number of Lawyers: 2600

Date Founded: 1838

Official Website:

Probably the oldest law firm working in London at the moment. It has been working for nearly two centuries now and it has built a reputation as something that you can fully trust and rely upon. They are not just limited to London as they have offices in about 29 different countries around the world which makes it a multinational company.

We believe we have said about them so far is more than enough to help you understand the standard of this law firm.

Law firm # 2 : Linklaters Law firms in London


Law firm # 3 : Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Number of Offices: 28+

Number of Lawyers: 2500+

Date Founded: 1840

Official Website:

Another seriously old law firm and definitely one of the best law firms in London. Ageing doesn’t matter in case of companies and as a matter of facet the most older a company is the most people trust upon it. It works opposite the way ageing in human life works. This is also a multinational company having offices in more than 15 countries of the world.

Law firm # 3 : Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Law firm # 4 : Allen & Overy – Best Law firms in London

Number of Offices: 43

Number of Lawyers: 2800+

Date Founded: 1930

Official Website:

Allen & Overy is another multinational company having offices in 30 different countries. It has an extremely rich history and there has been a lot of ups and downs in its last 80 years but today it is stable and making tons of money. People trust this law firm and that is the reason why they are going so strong.

Law firm # 4 : Allen & Overy

Law firm # 5 : Clifford Chance

Number of Offices: 35+

Number of Lawyers: 3400+

Date Founded: 1987

Official Website:

Clifford Chance is a law firm like a huge tree that has its branches spread in almost all powerful countries of this world where it operates and helps a lot of clients on daily bases. But the roots of this law firm are based in London like all other law firms in London.

Law firm # 5 : Clifford Chance


Law firm # 6 : DLA Piper

Number of Offices: 25+

Number of Lawyers: 4200

Date Founded: 2005

Official Website:

DLA Piper was started nearly 10 years ago and it has made rapid progress in all those short years becoming one the highest revenue earning law firms in London and also in world. DLA Piper is a multinational company and has offices all around the world but its strongest offices are in London, United Kingdom and Chicago, Illinois United States.

Law firm # 6 : DLA Piper


Law firm # 7 : Ashurst LLP

Number of Offices: 24

Number of Lawyers: 1700+

Date Founded: 1822

Official Website:

Another very old working company is this. It has numerous offices around the world and is considered in top ten highest revenue earning law firms in London. Do you know why it is like that? Because they have working for centuries to earn respect and win trust of people and now finally they have it.

Law firm # 7 : Ashurst LLP


Law firm # 8 : Slaughter and May

Number of Offices: 4

Number of Lawyers: 500+

Date Founded: 1889

Official Website:

Slaughter and May has been working for more than century as well and it has made a lot of money during that time and is still going strong. Unlike most companies in this list, it has only 3 offices outside of United Kingdom and its main office is in London.

Law firm # 8 : Slaughter and May


Law firm # 9 : Simmons & Simmons

Number of Offices: 21

Number of Lawyers: 1500+

Date Founded: 1896

Official Website:

Simmons & Simmons is another addition into our list because of the reputation that it has earned by working for decades and decades and providing great quality. It is among the top 100 law firms in world if matched by looking at the amount of money that they are making. This company is expanded into the world having offices in different countries that are all active and are producing more and more money for this law firm not only making it stronger but also earning it more and more respect.

Law firm # 9 : Simmons & Simmons


Law firm # 10 : Eversheds – Top Law firm in London

Number of Offices: 44

Number of Lawyers: 1200+

Date Founded: 1988

Official Website:

Eversheds is also a company that is multinational law firm and has its headquarters in London. It has been working since last 25 years and it has earned some good well deserved respect and trust in those years while it continues to earn very decent revenue as we speak.

Law firm # 10 : Eversheds Law firms in London

These are some of the very “best law firms in London” and all of these law firms are also included into the top law firms in entire world. Hence, if you are seeking any legal help than there can be no better place to go than these best law firms in London.

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