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Kew Gardens is a fantastic blend of gardens and glasshouses located on the south bank of River Thames between Richmond and Kew. Occupying 3000 acres, Kew gardens London is a combination of formal gardens, delightful landscapes, and greenhouses.

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Founded by the Lord of Carpel of Tewkesbury in 1880, the Kew Gardens was extended by Princes Augustan after some time.

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With more than 50,000 living plants, Kew Gardens UK is one of the most fascinating places you can visit on vacations.

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Kew Gardens London UK 2020

The complete domain of the gardens encompasses 326 acres with more than 50,000 different plants. Many areas are formally laid out with themed gardens like large alpine garden or flower beds. A considerable part of the garden is laid out in the English style. For instance, the western part features wide-open vistas that invite visitors to stroll through the gardens. If you are tired, you can ride on the Kew Explorer available at the gardens.

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Popular Kew buildings include the Pagoda, the Palm House, and the Temperate House is located on the east side. However, the Northeast corner of the park is the most crowded area where you can find many attractions like the Princess of Wales Conservatory, order beds, the Rock Garden, the Palm House, and the Water lily house. There are different sights in the garden that are very interesting such as the Water lily Pond, the Japanese Gateway, the Kew Palace, and the Treetop Walkway. Remember, you need a full day to explore the Kew gardens in the UK properly.

Kew Gardens 50p

The Kew Gardens 50p was released in 2009 for celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens. This is one of the rarest coins currently in circulation. These coins are issued in limited numbers of just 210,000. Due to this, the worth of the Kew Gardens 50p is $100 on the market.

Kew Gardens at Christmas

Are you ready to attend the Christmas at Kew? The famous after-dark event returns with the mile-long trail to lit up more than a million lights at the renowned botanic gardens.

Get together with your family and friends, and enjoy the illuminated path around the Kew Gardens. Here are the highlights of a Christmas at Kew 2020.

There will be a laser light show in the new temperate house.

Discover the new trail, including the Waterfalls in the Jew Arboretum.

Experience a beautiful light, water, and music display in front of the iconic Palm House.

Wander along with a (65 ft) 20-meter tunnel of the gorgeous light arcades in the Bifrost along with the hypnotic animations guiding your way.

There will be a food village at the end of the trail to entertain you with the warming winter drinks and the delicious Christmas treats.

Entry Times

Christmas at Kew opens at 5-10 pm. You can choose the time slot for entry. Please remember the last time for entry is 7.40 pm.

If you book a ticket with the reserved parking, then the main entrances will be Victoria or Brantford Gate.

Victoria Gate will close at 8 pm and Brantford Gate at 7:40 pm.

As the event of Christmas is presented in a natural landscape, some areas can be challenging in wet weather. Wheelchairs will be provided at the event, but they will be available on a first-come-first basis. No one can reserve the wheelchairs.

Make sure to wear proper clothes and footwear as there are no covered areas on the trail. Also, bring a torch as they are some light areas. No naked flames like lanterns, flares, candles, or night lights are allowed at the event. There are accessible toilets at Pavilion Bar, Victoria Plaza, and Brantford gate.

Parking for Kew Gardens

Parking at the Ferry Lane Care Park is available for advance booking only.

Please purchase tickets with reserved parking to guarantee your space. The entrance to the Christmas at Kew is via Brantford Gate next to the car parking.

You have to purchase the additional parking ticket for the evening as for daytime parking; tickets are valid until 4 pm. The car parking will be closed promptly at 10 pm.

Buy Kew Gardens Tickets

If you are looking for standard delivery, then your ticket should arrive n 24 hours before the event. If not delivered on time, please call 0115 912 9105 or contact Tickets customer service. If you want to print your ticket at home, don’t forget to bring tickets with you. Although we can use mobile scanning service printed copies are preferred.

Please note that the Kew Gardens Tickets are not available for sale via third-party websites. If any site is offering the Kew Garden tickets, they are scammers.

Interesting Facts about Kew Gardens London

The World’s Oldest Pot Plant is at Kew

The world’s oldest pot plant, named as a Jurassic cycad, is housed inside the famous Palm House in Kew Gardens. The plant came to the Kew in 1775 when a Plant-hunter Frances Masson collected it from the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Kew Garden’s has its own Police Force

Do you Kew Garden’s have its own police force for over 150 years? Yes, the force was established in the mid-1840s, there were only part-time gardeners and the veterans at the beginning of the Crimean War. This Kew police force originally had the same powers as the Metropolitan Police. With 17 members of staff and a vehicle, the Kew Constabulary is one of the smallest forces in the world.

Smallest Royal Palace in the Country

The Grade l listed Kew Palace is the Smallest Royal Palace in the country, which was reopened in 2006. It took the management a decade to restore the project. The famous gateway of the George lll (1760-1820) is the smallest British Royal Residence. In 1837, Queen Victoria gifted the palace to the people.

Part of an Old London Bridge

In 1968, Robert P McCulloch, an American entrepreneur, bought the 19th century London Bridge. Also, he tried to move the bridge to Arizona’s Lake Havasu.  But, about two hundred granite blocks were unable to make the trip across the ocean. Four of the blocks were taken by the Kew Gardens and were placed on the banks of the huge lake near the Sackler Crossing.

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