The Most Valuable Jewels in London


With major auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s located in London, there are many occasions when valuable jewels and gemstones pass through the city. Many of the most valuable in London are associated with the royal family, others belong to wealthy British citizens with a taste for precious stones. For companies, it is difficult to evaluate these gems, according to Diamond Whisperer. Putting a monetary value on some of these pieces is difficult, as most of them are not for sale.

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The Most Valuable Jewels in London

  1. Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace. Huge pearls are set off againsr trefoils of diamonds. It cost 5,000 pounds in 1887, when it was crafted; the current value can only be estimated very roughly.
  2. Great Star of Africa or Cullinan I Diamond in the Scepter with Cross. The term “crown jewels” refers to the regalia of the British royal house kept in the Tower of London and used nowadays for ceremonial purposes. The Royal Scepter is among these, especially made to support the extraordinary 530 carat, pear-cut gem made from the immense Cullinan I diamond, also known as the Great Star of Africa.
  3. Cartier Halo Tiara. If you watched the royal wedding of Kate and William back in 2011, you saw this exquisite piece, scroll upon scroll of tiny diamonds, supporting Kate’s veil.
  4. George VI’s Festoon Necklace. This brilliant piece consists of three strands of 105 diamonds, weighing over 170 carats, meeting on each side in diamond triangles and held in back by a single diamond strand.
  5. Victoria’s Collet necklace and tear-drop earrings with the Lahore Diamond. Made in 1858, this set has become known as the coronation necklace and earrings. The necklace contains 25 collet diamonds, with the immense 22.48 carat Lahore Diamond forming the pendant.
  6. Vladimir Tiara. Large emeralds and teardrop pearls adorn this piece, estimated as worth over a million pounds sterling.
  7. Delhi Durbar Tiara. This exquisitely tall, scrolling crown was originally made for the Indian commemoration of the succession of George V.
  8. 8. Duchess of Cambridge’s Sapphire Ring. Originally the engagement ring of Lady Diana, this stunning sapphire, set in white gold and a corona of solitaire diamonds, is currently estimated as worth well over 300,000 pounds.
  9. 9. King Faisal Necklace. The king of Saudi Arabia had a diamond necklace made for Queen Elizabeth in 1967, literally dripping with baguettes, pear-shapes, and brilliants.
  10. 10. Not all the valuable gems in London belong to the royals. Jeweler Laurence Graff’s maroon octagonal diamond cost him 2.6 million dollars.

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