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4 Best Japanese Bars in London 2020 UK

London’s Best Japanese Cocktails

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If you are from Japan and you are somehow living in London then you definitely need to know about the Japanese bars in London 2020 UK.

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Let me tell you one thing in the beginning, it is really difficult to find a good Japanese bar in London but if you will follow the instructions and guidelines given in this post, you will definitely find one very easily.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of Japanese bars in London but since these are not highlighted like other local bars and brands, people often don’t get any idea about their presence.

There are a lot of names that if I start talking about everyone, you won’t be able to digest the information.

However, I’m just going to discuss about some of the most “famous Japanese bars in London 2020 UK” where you can go and enjoy your time as a Japanese person.

4 Best Japanese Bars in London 2020 UK


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4 Best Japanese Bars in London 2020 UK

Below, you will find information about some of the best wines that are available in Japanese bars in London 2020 UK.

Bar # 1 : Sake

Don’t take this as a “snake” just because you think that if Japanese can eat snakes, they can also make wine out of snake as well. The name of this wine is Sake and it is specially made wine to change your taste a little bit. The wine is made from fermented rice. This type of rice is produced everywhere in Japan and they normally bring the rice from those locations. There are different options and varieties available and we really don’t know what kind of sake wine you will like, however you cannot go wrong with Sake made in Yamagata. This kind of wine has not only become famous in Japan but with the passage of time, it has also become very famous in London as well.

Bar # 2 : Shochu

You may face trouble while pronouncing the name of a Japanese wine but you will surely have no problem taking it in. The Shochu is a special type of Japanese wine that is produced from rice, barley or potato. It is low in sugar and calories so diet conscious people really like this wine. You can drink this wine easily with chilled or hot water. It tastes delicious all the time.

Bar # 3 : Umeshu

This wine is made with ume and its taste can be detected very easily in the wine as well. Another form of Umeshu is called Yuzushu and it made with yuzu and believes us, it tastes more delicious than it sounds. You will be amazed at the taste of this wine and there is no way that you will not want to order more after drinking one glass.

Bar # 4 : Shoryu

To be honest, there are so many types of Japanese wines that I can go on talking about them for the entire day but there are some limitations that I have to keep in mind. Shoryu is another great tasting wine that you must taste in London. Most of the Japanese bars in London serve this wine so you can get it from any of those bars. Even many London based bars have started serving Shoryu regularly as well.

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