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International Petroleum Week 2014 is also known as IP Week 2014 and it is considered to be leading and well known event for international oil and gas community. Every year, this event attracts almost 2,000 senior decision makers from all over the world. Basically, International Petroleum Week is a three day event and it comprises of seminars, conferences, exhibition, annual dinner etc. In other words, we can say that IP Week is the combination of finance, investment, technology and gas industries. Moreover, this international event features different seminars on various specific regions like Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Russia. Like previous years, this year as well as International Petroleum Week will be started from 17th February 2014 and it will be ended on 19th February 2014.


International Petroleum Week  London 2014


Main Topics For International Petroleum Week 2014

This year, there are many topics or issues that will be covered or discussed in International Petroleum Week. The main topics which will be discussed are as follows:

  • ¬†This international event will discuss the future growth of petroleum and gas industry.
  • Secondly, oil and gas development projects in different countries like Russia and Arctic will be discussed.
  • Thirdly, another important topic will be discussed in this event i-e mapping the future investment and growth of petroleum in Asia Pacific.
  • Moreover, the role of oil recovery will also be discussed in this event.
  • The oil and gas sector of Iraq and Kurdistan and its impact on international markets will be discussed.
  • Lastly, recent discoveries of petroleum and gas in Eastern Mediterranean will be highlighted or discussed.

International Petroleum Week 2014

Why Attend International Petroleum Week 2014

Now the question is that why you should attend International Petroleum Week 2014. Well, the important reasons are discussed below.

  • Firstly, International Petroleum Week is the leading and international leadership forum for the industry of oil and gas.
  • Secondly, almost 60 percent leading industry professionals like CEO, directors, Presidents, partners, vice presidents are attending this event.
  • By attending this event, you should learn and understand about the future growth of oil and gas in different regions like Russia, Africa, Asia Pacific.
  • In this event, you can join round table discussion in order to debate on any type of international strategic issue.
  • Lastly, International Petroleum Week is the largest social gathering event along with more than 1300 guests.

When And Where Of International Petroleum Week

For those people who want to attend this event, they should know that this time when and where International Petroleum Week will be held.

Starting Date: 17th February 2014

Ending Date: 19th February 2014

Venue: Intercontinental London Park Lane

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