How To Speak/ improve British English Pronunciation

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English people are the ones who created this language and it is not easy to “learn how to improve British English pronunciation” but if you really give it your best, you can get it done just the right way. Improving English in British accent which is probably the best has numerous benefits laid out there for you.

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How To Improve English British Pronunciation


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While speaking in British accent, you are usually treated with much more respect as compared to any other because people listening to you get the feeling that you are not just another person trying to speak English but you are one well-educated man who knows the art to speak English .This can boost your chances every where. It doesn’t if you are on a job interview or simply to impress someone, it would always work best for you.

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Today we are going to show you how to “improve British English pronunciation” and open gates of new opportunities for you.

How To Improve British English Pronunciation

1. ‘R’ Doesn’t Exist

The most common difference between British people and other is that they are very sensitive when it comes to pronouncing ‘R’. They never pronounce ‘R’ whenever it comes after a vowel. That makes their style really impressive and beautiful because ‘R’ is one of the most widely used word in English speaking and changing the way you pronounce it can make a big difference.

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2. ‘U’ Should End With ‘Ew-Uh’

For most of people ‘U’ is a simple word that should be spoken just the way it is supposed to be and in its original sound. However, that doesn’t happen when we talk about British English because these people have different rules. They always tend to speak ‘U’ with a sound of ‘Ew-uh’ and just like ‘R’ it adds some extra beauty to the language.

‘U’ is also a widely used word and changing the way you speak it can be another plus for. We probably can’t guide you through every single word because we don’t have that much space and we explained two of the most important things. Now some common practices that would boost up your learning process.

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3. Watch News Channels/Movies and improve British English Pronunciation

People working as newscaster in any language are the people who are very very good at speaking that particular language and same is the case with English. The people working as newscasters on English channels are some fine speaking men and women and are actually a great source for you to learn. You may have been watching news channels from a long time but now is the time to actually learn something important from them.

Similarly movies are also a plus because not everybody can be a movie star. There are dozens of requirements that need to be filled before anybody can be labelled as movie material and at the top of all those skills and requirements is the ability to speak smoothly. Hence, movies can really help you understand what is supposed to be said when and how it should be said.

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We are really hopeful that we were somehow helpful to you in understanding how to “improve British English pronunciation”. If we were, kindly return the live by sharing this post with your friends and closed ones.

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