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Ultimate Guide How To Grow Hair Faster! ( Tutorial & Tips )

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Long hair is considered the epitome of femininity that is trendy and is incredibly versatile styling. No wonder that many women want to be Rapunzel. “How can you make hair grow faster?” often this question arises in those minds who wish to have a long hair, but do not have yet. The honest answer: there is no miracle cure and hair growth can be influenced only slightly. But who noticed a few things that come there faster “dream mane”.

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As Quickly Grow Hair


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Hair grows on average between 0.3 and 0.5 mm per day. These are 12 to 15 centimeters per year. But the hair growth is also gender related. Therefore, it is a logical assumption that it is possible by hormone administration promotes hair growth. There are also natural ways to support the speed of hair growth.

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how to grow hair faster with Healthy Diet

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Just 1 to 1.5 centimeters our head hair grows on average per month. Make hair grow faster is difficult, because the hair growth is affected (also its pace) exclusively by internal factors such as diet, hormones or disposition. The good news: Some of these factors can be influenced. > Eat a healthy diet, the body is supplied with all the essential nutrients, it is also the hair roots – and produces durable hair at maximum speed.

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Conversely, deficiency affects the hair growth negatively. Iron deficiency can even lead to hair loss. Who pays attention to a healthy diet, so also does her hair good. Some nutritional supplements such as yeast or biotin are said that they can grow hair faster. However, their effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. Hairdressers encourage customers to take silica. Its main ingredient is already contained silica by nature in our hair. In any case, patience is needed: The consequences of a change in diet or supplement are visible after a few months earlier.

Hair Enemies

Put on the proper care also the perfect care cannot let the hair grow faster. However, it ensures that the hair remains healthy and resilient. Two great enemies of beautiful, long hair is split ends and hair breakage namely hot. From the long-haired dream is nothing if painstakingly bred centimeters fall victim because of the damage to the hair.

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Prevent Intensive Shampoo

how to grow hair

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Prevent, by washing your hair with an intensive care shampoo, grooming once a week with a rich spa and indulge now and then with some hair oil in lengths. Refrain as often as possible in grueling heat styling with hair dryer or flat iron. Go to the hairdresser sounds paradoxical, but a visit to the hairdresser every three months is also included, if the hair should be nice and long.

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A regular pruning then inhibits or prevents split ends from that it moves on from the tips upwards. Many women avoid regular cutting tip, because they fear that never come to long hair. “But in three months, the hair has grown by three to four inches. Who then separates from one centimeter, its tips will keep you healthy and still win two to three inches in length.” Look at the hairdresser to the fact that not blunt scissors or cut with a knife, as both split ends promotes way. That hair grows faster when they are cut at full moon, it is often claimed, but could never be proved.

Massaging your Scalp hair growth

how to grow your hair

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A well-stocked hair root is essential for healthy and long hair. For the reason that the blood transports nutrients there is anything the blood flow to the scalp stimulates also good for hair growth. The Berlin Trend Barber Viktor Leske advises its customers who want to let the hair grow faster, to do the daily head massage: “nourishing massage Argan oil reduces stress, nourishes the hair and prevents dandruff that may also adversely affect the hair growth.” A similar effect also has a daily brush massage. A model that combines the rounded plastic bristles with bristles made ​​of natural hair is well suited.

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Reduce Stress Grow Hair


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Avoid stress as our skin is the hair a mirror of our soul. A constantly to high levels of stress hormones in the blood are harmful for hair growth and may even lead to hair loss. Thin, brittle hair can also be the result long-lasting psychological problems.

How to grow hair faster with Vitamin A

Everyone can be a natural way to grow your hair faster. Neither frequent hair cutting are not required to, nor pills that promise a fast growth of hair. The only important thing is a balanced and healthy diet:

Protein is important for hair growth, since the hairs are to a large part of protein. Who takes its diet with enough protein to him who has successfully left the first hurdle behind. Also, the vitamin A (see Vitamins for hair ) promotes, if not overdosed, hair growth and contributes to a balanced diet help to ensure that your hair grow faster naturally.

Essential vitamins for hair

The most important vitamins for hair is the vitamin B complex, because the vitamins B3, B5 and B6 strengthen the hair and activate important metabolic processes at the hair root. For a regulated sebum these vitamins are also responsible. They occur in yeast, in nuts and legumes.

Other important vitamins for hair are the vitamins A and C. By retinol (vitamin A), hair growth is promoted. In a natural way the body absorbs the retinol by eating carrots, milk products or peppers.

Vitamin C supports the red blood cells (hemoglobin) receive iron. Since hemoglobin consists partly of iron, this ability is important. As will be known, contain vitamin C in citrus fruits.

Home Remedies to make hair grow Faster and Thicker

In addition to the balanced diet, there are other simple home remedies, let the hair grow faster:

  • To do the scalp also something good, and at the same time stimulate the growth of hair, scalp massages regularly can be made with a soft brush.
  • Brush your head after washing your hair with cold water, which promotes by the rapid change from warm to cold blood circulation to the scalp and thus hair growth.
  • Also during hair washing the blood flow can be excited by a strong massaging the scalp.
  • And because the vitamin D, which can make using solar irradiation of the human body, also accelerates hair growth, it makes sense to take advantage of the sun’s rays and get some fresh air.

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