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10 Best Hostels in London with Private Rooms

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Hostels in London are making good money because London is a big attraction for students worldwide because of its high class education systems and stunning quality University and College building. Most students in many countries of the world take studying in London as a privilege.

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And that’s why they keep coming here generation after generation. London has produced many leaders and legends in this world because of its high education standards. All those students who come from different parts of the world need one basic facility and that is a good hostel. There are many “hostels in London” but some of them are creepy and not suitable for students.

Hence, we have decided to give a clear and easy to follow guidance on the hostels in London that you should be using as a student. All these hostels have been there for good time and they have built their reputation as something that you can easily trust. And they all offer good privacy.

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10 Best Hostels in London With Private Rooms

Hostel # 1 : Clink78

Hostel Location: 78 King’s Cross Road WC1

One of the most historic hostels in London is Clink78. But history is not the only thing that helps Clink78 stand out from the rest of hostels in London, it is the reputation that it has earned by providing amazing facilities to students from all over the world for years and years. If you are studying somewhere near 78 King’s Cross Road then there is no better option than Clink78.

Hostel # 1 : Clink78 Hostels in London

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Hostel # 2 : YHA London Earls Court

Hostel Location: 38 Bolton Gardens

YHA provides some great hostels in London and this is just one of the them. The main facilities of this hostel are good food, living rooms and amazing Victorian building that make living there peaceful and pleasurable all at the same time. Hence, if you are planning to do something anywhere near Bolton Gardens then this should be your destination.

Hostel # 2 : YHA London Earls Court Hostel in London

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Hostel # 3 : Smart Hyde Park View – Hostels in London

Hostel Location: 11 Craven Hill Gardens

Smart Hyde Park View is one of the best built hostels in London and is located only about 50-60 meters away from London’s world wide famous Hyde Park and that is the reason it is named like that. This can be an ideal place for a student to live and focus on study considering the peaceful and tension free atmosphere that this hostel provides.

Hostel # 3 : Smart Hyde Park View Hostel in London

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Hostel # 4 : YHA Oxford Street

Hostel Location: 14 Noel Street W1

If there is a hotel who has struggled real hard to earn a name for itself the name name has to be YHA Oxford street hostel. This is because some horrible things happened there in early days that kept people away from it and it went from bad times. But the owners didn’t quit and today it stands among the best hostels in London.

Hostel # 4 : YHA Oxford Street Hostel in London

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Hostel # 5 : Blue Skies Hostel

Hostel Location: 7 Station Rise SE27

A hostel in London with all the basic and pleasurable facilities of life. What makes this hostel different than other is the way the rooms are arranged and decorated. They leave good impression on your mind and when you are living in this hostel, it is easy to stay freshen all the times and stay focused on whatever you are planning to do.

If you are like those students who want to enjoy life and studies at the same times instead of waiting for studies to get over to start having fun then there you go. Blue Skies Hostel is your place.

Hostel # 5 : Blue Skies Hostel in London

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Hostel # 6 : Safestay – Hostels in London

Hostel Location: 144-152 Walworth Road, Elephant & Castle

Do you belong to a family that wants you to study even though they are not really rich? Or you just want to put less pressure on your family while you study and enjoy your life?

Well, Safestay is the place then. It not only provides good entertainment because of the place where it is located but you also don’t have to constantly worry about the money that you will need to pay because that is always affordable even for financially average students.

Hostel # 6 : Safestay Hostel in London

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Hostel # 7 : Phoenix Hostel

Hostel Location: 6 Daventry Street

With a Park placed very near and a Zoo at a little distance Phoenix Hostel is any student’s dream living style. That is because it not only provides beautiful place around for you to check out but also a better taste food and a very nice staff to take care of you.

If this hostel is anywhere near the place where you are studying at the moment that you should go check it out as it is one of the beautiful hostels in London.

Hostel # 7 : Phoenix Hostel in London

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Hostel # 8 : London Eye Hostel

Hostel Location: 73 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth

Just a dream place for computer students or those who have a lot to check on the internet. That is because it provides lighting fast WiFi at all times.

Over that it has well furnished rooms that are ideal to work or to rest. But that is not it because you can go out and have a little walk and reach London Eye the reason why this hostel is named like that.

Hostel # 8 : London Eye Hostel

Image Credit:


Hostel # 9 : Generator Russell Square

Hostel Location: Compton Place, off 37 Tavistock Place

If you want something that is even better than the famous and world wide known Clink78 that go no where other than Generator Russell Square. We are not going to say much about this hostel but we’ll definitely want to tell you that it has earned more than 1 performance awards because of the quality and class that it has.

Hostel # 9 : Generator Russell Square

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Hostel # 10 : The Lodge at Crystal Palace

Hostel Location: Ledrington Road SE19

It has made a name for itself because of purely the food that it provides. However that is not all it has as it brings to you the fastest and nicest room service arguably in entire London.

Hostel # 10 : The Lodge at Crystal Palace

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These are the “finest hostels in London for students” to not only enjoy London but also study with their full attention. We tried our best in making things as clear as possible and keep things accurate. If you find anything that you think should be edited then let us know.

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We would love to hear your experience with any of these hostels in London because that would be helpful for your fellow students who come to read this article.

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