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London is known world wide because of its beauty as well as amazing and quick “hospitals in London”. London has quite a huge number of hospitals because Government gives it special treatment as it is the most important city in entire England.

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These hospitals in London help people to be able to get medical attention when they need it the most. And since the number of hospitals is pretty high, there are rarely some chances where patients have to wait to be treated. However there are some hospitals in London that are bad and they have horrible reputation.

 10 Best Hospitals in London


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To save you from such hospitals in London we have decided to show you the best hospitals in London so you can stay safe and get the right treatment from the right place at the right time because human life is extremely precious. So here we go to out topic.

10 Best Hospitals in London

# 1 : The Heart Hospital

Hospital Location: 16-18 Westmoreland St, London W1G 8PH

Hospital Contact Number: 020 3456 7898

An amazing facility for all the Londoners and this hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in London because of more than one reasons. But one of those reasons is its quality staff and their ability to solve just about any problem and treat almost all kind of patients that are in emergency or are simply looking to get some help about some disease. If you are living around Westmoreland Street then you have to check out this hospital when you are in need.

Hospital # 1 : The Heart Hospital

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# 2 : University College Hospital

Hospital Location: 235 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BU

Hospital Contact Number: 020 3456 7890

If you are in hurry either because you have some emergency or you simply don’t have much time on your hand because of some other reasons then this is going to be your place. In the early days of this hospital it was among the worst hospitals in entire London because the staff here was too lazy and they would take hours of time to even do the simplest things. However, that has completely changed now and at the current moment it is by far the best hospital working in London.

Hospital # 2 : University College Hospital

# 3 : Mount Vernon Hospital – Best Hospitals in London

Hospital Location: Rickmansworth Rd, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 2RN

Hospital Contact Number: 01923 826111

Another excellent place that has been serving the people of London for a good amount of time now. They have a lot of reasons why they can brag about being on of the best hospitals in London and those reasons include extremely cheap parking, expert medical staff and very caring nurses to help you heal through your problems. However, they also have some downfalls and one of their downfall is that sometimes they can be a little lazy but that only happens sometimes.

Hospital # 3 : Mount Vernon Hospital

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# 4 : West Middlesex University Hospital

Hospital Location: Twickenham Rd, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6AF

Hospital Contact Number: 020 8560 2121

Some people seem to have sour taste in their throats about this hospital but they all seem to give no legitimate reasons why so. We guess its just that they don’t like it but that doesn’t mean hospitals is bad in itself as it is one of the most incredible hospitals in London that has been serving humanity and saving lives for years now.

Hospital # 4 : West Middlesex University Hospital

# 5 : Homerton University Hospital

Hospital Location: Homerton Row, London E9 6SR

Hospital Contact Number: 020 8510 5555

If you want to be treated at a hospital in London that has brilliant reputation and most trust among the people of London than it has got to be no other hospitals in London other than Homerton University Hospital. It is one of the most incredible health facilities you are ever likely to see.

Hospital # 5 : Homerton University Hospital

# 6 : Kingston Hospital – Top Hospitals in London

Hospital Location: Kingston Hospital N H S Trust, Galsworthy Rd

Hospital Contact Number: 020 8546 7711

There might be no other hospital in London that is as much dedicated and caring as is the Kingston Hospital. They are self proclaimed best hospital in London and if we visit them we can say that they certainly are.

Hospital # 6 : Kingston Hospital

# 7 : Royal Free Hospital

Hospital Location: Pond St, London NW3 2QG

Hospital Contact Number: 020 7794 0500

Royal Free Hospital has some bad reputation in the past but now it is improving at a faster rate and people are once again beginning to trust their service. We don’t say that they are the best but they certainly are worthy enough to be included into this list of best hospitals in London.

Hospital # 7 : Royal Free Hospital

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# 8 : Guy’s Hospital

Hospital Location: Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT

Hospital Contact Number: 020 7188 7188

A beautifully built building, great medical staff and the memorial of Thomas Guy is what strongly helps this hospital stand out of the crowd and people definitely realize that which is the reason why so many trust this place and go there is their urgent as well as normal medical needs.

Hospital # 8 : Guy's Hospital

# 9 : Western Eye Hospital

Hospital Location: 153-173 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5QH

Hospital Contact Number: 020 3312 6666

As the name suggests this is basically an eye hospital but if you are in real emergency you should expect them to take care of you. They are so nice after all.

Hospital # 9 : Western Eye Hospital

# 10 : Central Middlesex Hospital

Hospital Location: Acton Ln, London NW10 7NS

Hospital Contact Number: 020 8965 5733

This hospital like many above has been working for a good time now and has built a reputations as one of the greatest hospitals in London where you can go to get treatment for a lot of things and you would be sure they won’t cause any damage to you because the probably know what they do and how to do it which is why we have listed them here.

Hospital # 10 : Central Middlesex Hospital

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These are by far the “best hospitals in London” and they have almost every facility that might be required to save a human being’s life. Just make sure that you contact them at the right time because if you are late in getting there then they might not be able to do anything. Let us know what you think about these hospitals in London and if you have experience with any of them kindly let us know.

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