18 Best Hidden Gems in London 2020 UK

Things to Do & See 2020 in London City, UK

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Visiting London is a dream for everyone. A tourist’s priority is to visit London, no matter where is he from. Tourists visiting London normally wants to see some of the famous iconic destinations for which London is famous for.

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These iconic destinations include Big Ben, London Eye, House of Lords, Wembley Stadium, Lords Cricket Ground, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. All these iconic destinations make London famous all over the world.

20+ Best Hidden Gems in London 2020 UK


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All these places make London an attractive tourist destination and people all over the world wish to visit London.

Apart from these famous destinations, there are several hidden gems in London with which people are not familiar and these places make London even more attractive and iconic.

There are several hidden gems London possesses. Here we will discuss around 20 of the hidden gems in London that are unknown to most people who have not spent time in London.

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Once you get to know about these hidden gems of London, you will realize that there is no better place in the world to visit than London.

18 Best Hidden Gems Of London 2020 UK

The most popular hidden gems London have are discussed as follows;

1. London’s Silver Vaults

he Silver Vaults is one of the hidden gems London have which is located near the Covent Gardens. This place has one of the largest silver collections of the world having around 30 shops of silver.

These 30 shops are occupied by specialist dealers who have set up their businesses in the area.

This place was built in 1876 to protect the valuable silver treasures of the city. These treasures make this place one of the finest for tourists to visit.

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2. Postman’s Park

One of the most beautiful parks in London located near St Pauls Cathedral is a quiet place situated away from busy commercial places.  This place is known for its historical Heroic Self Sacrifice in 1900, where the volunteers sacrificed their lives while saving others.

As the name suggests, this was a place for postmen where they use to enjoy their breaks and had lunch. These postmen use to work in the post office that was located near the park.

Tourists who visit London should visit this historic place to discover the London hidden gems.

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3. The Barbican Centre:

The Barbican Centre is another hidden gems London possesses and is yet to be discovered for foreign tourists. It is an architectural place located near the Postman’s Park.

The place is mainly a residential area having other several facilities that makes it beautiful and unique. Residents of the area use to hang baskets of flowers historically outside their balconies for a beautiful view.

Apart from residential flats, the Barbican Centre also has an arts centre, a theatre, cinema and a restaurant in it which makes it a beautiful place to visit for tourists.

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4. The Thames Path

The Thames is a famous area located in Central London which contains the all-time favourite and popular ‘River Thames’ for which it famous for. The hidden gem London contains in this area is the Thames Path.

The Thames Path is a 40-mile long path that is still unknown for foreigners and tourists. This place has beaches, Pubs of Charles Dickens and Rotherhithe village. You can have a pleasant walk here or can enjoy sitting on the beaches, pubs or gardens.

The best way to explore this long path is to hire a bike or a bicycle for which separate tracks are built.

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5. Wilton’s Music Hall

A place where music concerts are held is a music hall located in the Tower Hamlet of London. This is another hidden gem in London, where you should visit.

A variety of music performances and concerts are held in this hall that is worth watching. You just have to buy a ticket to enter the hall on the day of the event to enjoy the music performances.

Grab a drink from the Mahogany Bar that is located inside the venue to spend your evening full of enjoyment. Tourists who visit London won’t be disappointed if they add the Wiltons Music Hall in their visiting place list.

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6. Gunnersbury Park:

One of the hidden gems of London located in Hounslow, West London. Gunnersbury Park has a park and a museum mainly. The museum opened in 1929 is a masterpiece of history, archaeology, and art.

Apart from the park and museum, this place also contains a mansion, temple and a boathouse that adds to its beauty. If you visit London, this place is highly recommended for tourists to visit.
St Dunstans:
Located in the east of London, St Dunstan’s is a place to fall in love with. The St Dunstan’s is a place to the north of Tower Bridge in Bank district is a place for visitors to visit. Once you visit the place, it is guaranteed that you will fall in love with it.

This hidden gem of London is known for having churches, where people can be seen worshipping God or some even resting away from all the noise and the tall commercial buildings of the city.

St Dunstan’s is also one of the beautiful picture spots. So if you visit London, you must discover one of these beautiful hidden gems of London.

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7. Kyoto Gardens

The Kyoto Gardens is a Japanese garden located in Holland Park is another hidden gem in London. It consists of a beautiful garden that represents Japanese culture. The garden also has statues, walking tracks, peacocks and an opera house.

Tourists who love open areas and gardens must visit this beautiful place to get a better idea for gardening in their house gardens and enjoy the view.
The Painted Hall:
Located in the Greenwich Naval College, the painted hall is an amazing architectural place and an undiscovered tourist destination. As the name suggests, this place is known for its famous painting of the wall done by hand in 1726.

This place is famous for hosting TV shows and Princess Margaret’s birthday was held in the arena. It is also used by movie makers several times for movie making.

This is one of the places in London where you can have a photography session for free. These qualities make this place a hidden tourist destination.

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8. The Royal Exchange

The most expensive area of London in the Bank district. The Royal Exchange is famous for having expensive and high-quality drinks in the town. Visit the place with your partner and have the most expensive drink in one of the hidden gems in London.

Not only expensive drinks, but the Royal Exchange is also famous for having the most expensive shopping centre in London. So if you want to do some luxury shopping visit the busiest place in London to value your trip and enjoy shopping.

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9. The Tulip Staircase

As the name suggests, the Tulip staircase is a staircase located next to the Queen’s house in the Greenwich area of London. This hidden gem of London is located within the walking distance from the Greenwich market.

This place has a museum, a great hall and an art gallery in which every piece is a unique masterpiece. It represents the UK’s first historic self-supported staircase that was built manually.

So it recommended if you visit London, pay a visit to this historic place to enjoy your visit.

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10. The Vaults

Famous for railway tracks that are built in a tunnel, the Vault is located in the Waterloo district of London. This place also contains some famous art galleries that make it unique and beautiful.

This area was undiscovered because it had a history of crimes due to which local and foreign tourists were afraid to visit.

Along with the art gallery, it also has a theatre, a music hall and a place where fashion shows are held.

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11. Little Venice

Similar to the famous Italian city Venice, the Little Venice is a small town and another hidden gem London contains. It is located near Camden or the Regent’s Park built-in small boats and ships containing cafes, restaurants, and pubs on the waterside.

A path is built for residents and tourists for a walk along with a bicycle track on both sides of the river. The doors of the boathouses, restaurants or pubs open up to that path through the residents can easily go in and out of their place.

Providing this beautiful map of the town, tourists are recommended to visit the place to enjoy their trip.

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12. The Chin-Chin Labs

Famous for ice-creams, the Chin-Chin labs are located in Camden. A unique ice cream made through the freezing proportion of liquid nitrogen in a lab inside the shop. The lab is visible when you visit the shop and give your order.

You can see artificial clouds inside the lab-made of chemical nitrogen when you wait for your order. The most famous flavours are red velvet and watermelon that are the most delicious of all.

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13. Eltham Palace:

the palace, a mansion in Henry Village of London, is another hidden gem London has. Decorated with art, the Etham was a Royal Palace used by the British Royal family before the 1930s.

Later this palace was bought and decorated by Stephen and Virginia Courtland turning it into a beautiful home. They made it open for tourists after renovation with free entry. This historical place is a must-visit spot if you travel to London.

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14. The Nomadic Community Gardens

Located near Brick Lane, the Nomadic Community Gardens is an area open for the public all the time. Having some delicious food, the garden has some beautiful restaurants and an art street presenting different ideas of art.

Art is performed by every person that visits this place due to which this place has a unique status. It also contains a garden having different plants that are maintained for a 6-month lease and is renewed after that time.

Volunteer people come to this place for having their private gardening and taking care of it later on. This makes this place different from others and a place for tourists to visit.

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15. The Camden Passage

One of the London hidden gems, the Camden Passage is located in Islington, London. This place is full of wine shops, cafes, and boutiques which make this place worth visiting.

In this place, you will find curios, furniture, party outfits, and other antiques. It also contains some remarkable collection of the memories of some famous wars of British history.

These iconic things make this place a beautiful tourist destination and it deserves to be discovered on a mass scale.

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16. St John’s Lodge Gardens

Owned by the Sultan of Brunei, St John’s is a beautiful garden in Regents Park and a place hardly discovered in London. The Sultan also has a mansion in its neighbour who made this garden and made it open for the public.

This beautiful garden has lots of small rooms without roofs that are the most romantic places in the garden. It also contains lush green grass and trees that cut according to particular shape and design. This makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit.

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17. Dennis Severs House

A hidden gem in London that can attract tourists all over the world. The Dennis Severs House was a residence of former British artist Dennis Severs which has now turned into a commercial place.

A house of 18th century now has a hotel to live in, a restaurant and a bar for drinks. This specific place has been left undiscovered for the last two centuries as it can add revenue to the tourism industry of the UK.

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18. Chelsea Physic Garden

The most attractive tourist destination located near the area of Thames, Central London. The Chelsea Physic is a garden established in 1673, a place that is left undiscovered in London.

It contains one of the oldest gardens and various kinds of industrial plants. All these qualities make this place a gem that is still hidden in London from tourists. Other Hidden Gems Of London:

Apart from these places, tourists should also visit the east, south, west, and north of London. These areas include Hampstead, Croydon, Southall, Richmond, Hackney, Barnet, Wandsworth, Fulham, and Sutton, etc.

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Other than Central London, these are also some of the beautiful hidden gems in London. Visiting these places with Central London will make your trip valuable and complete.

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