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2015 Halloween in London, Some Advice’s for Tourists


2015 Halloween is just some days away from now and everyone is preparing themselves for year’s most entertaining festival. We are also giving it full coverage. Some of the most entertaining events that will are going to be held on Halloween night are Jaded Makeup: Halloween special, Halloween thriller night and some other Halloween events. But now the question is what tourist will do on that night will they join the events or will stay in their rooms. On Halloween night people will be targeting outsiders by binding cobwebs and bats on their windows. So, what should tourists should do on Halloween night in London? Some answers are below.


Halloween In London, Some Advices For Tourists


1. Join the fun

The best solution for them is to join the fun. If you are a group of boys or girls than buy tickets for some of the best Halloween events now and join the fun that night. Or get a mask on face and start scaring others.

2. Advice for couples

If you are couple and celebrating your honeymoon in London than my advice to you is that you should move to a high class restaurant or hotel. Because there will nothing like Halloween and you should stay in comfort and will enjoy your time.

3. Don’t travel to London on 31st November

If you are going to London on 31st November than you should change your dates of visit if you don’t want to see some scary faces.

4. Keep an eye on naughty children

Mostly naughty children do this all scary stuff to scare tourists. They will attach cobwebs, spiders and bats on your doors and windows or will scare you with scary masks on faces. So, keep an eye on naughty child around you to stay safe that night.

5. Leave money at home while before going outside

On Halloween night many teens will catch you on roads and will demand money from you. So leave money at home before going outside.

So, these are some tips for tourists in London to keep themselves on safe side on Halloween night. Halloween is more than fun but it could be a bad night for tourist as they don’t know much about London and its culture. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more tips and tricks.

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