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Guide to London Packing List, important things you need to know

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London packing list is a list of important things that you need for your city trip to London. I have the list optimizes the course of my first trips, so that nothing should be missing. Nevertheless, of course, you are welcome to add any other thing you want. Now read carefully and pack your bag:

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Guide to London Packing List, important things you need to know


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1 # Travel documents, bank card, and health insurance card

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Most important is your identity card. This is necessary and sufficient for the same will file into the UK of EU citizens. In addition, the ID card in the city is also very important, for example, check a lot of pubs and clubs in the center of the evening the “IDs”, so that you should always have this. Abroad, this is anyway really mandatory if something happen. Also debit bank card is important; I personally do not take Euros to London and exchange, because I’ve learned that the cashback on machines is considerably more advantageous spot. The travel documents whatsoever include a European health card should include, if you even need medical help.

2 # UK Stecker

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If you have power, for example, your phone or camera charge evening in the hotel room, you need a UK Stecker which allows you to insert the plug into the Euro British outlet. You can get such UK Stecker already for very little money here.

3 # City map, Underground network map

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I recommend you before your trip a map of the start to organize. However, what is even more important a plan by the Network of Underground. A city map you get in card form. I recommend you an appropriate free app to load on your smartphone, these work offline and generally have a good search function integrated. I personally use the app “Tube Map London Underground“, an in my opinion very good app!

4 # Camera chargers

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A camera in London is always worthwhile. Although most cell phones now have good cameras but it cannot get to the quality of DSLR. In addition, you should have all you’re charging cables both mobile and camera.

5 # Dictionary

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It never hurts, no matter how good your English may be to have a small dictionary. It may be from time to time, that you cannot think of a particular word, and then you’re standing there. There is a perfectly good Pocket variant that you can buy from any books store.

6 # Cosmetics

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Since I usually travel with hand luggage only, I need my beauty products always do in a reseal able plastic bag. Such you get at the grocery store for little money. At the London airports you can also get at each corner. Important cosmetics for the city trip to London:

  • Shower gel, shampoo – many budget hotels in the city have not
  • Deo – very important
  • Perfume
  • Hair gel, hair spray
  • Hygiene wipes: I have them always with me.
  • Makeup for Women
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • I would always take precaution a small towel

7 # Comfortable shoes

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I recommend also pack shoes, with which you can run a lot. Even if you can ride a lot with the ancestor or bus, so the ancestor bays are very spread out. I do not have a day experienced in London, where I did not go to the 10 km. For several days, the shoes should therefore relieve the feet rather than burden. I always wear my Nike shoes. But I also always a second pair with when I go out in the evening, no sneakers send.

8 # Backpack and umbrella

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For daytime, it may be worthwhile to have an umbrella here. Contrary to many myths it rains in London, although no more than in other cities in this latitude, but it may be from time to time that spontaneously breaks out a rain shower (yes, the North Sea is not far away). A backpack I take personally ever to anything while having during the day trips: maps, camera, water, space for purchases and so on.

9 # Space

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If you want to do shopping, you should also have some space in your suitcase to bring more things. How much, you know, I do not recommend, however, to arrive with a suitcase is bursting at the seams even formerly departure.

10 # First aid kit

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In London there are precisely as pharmacies here, but I always take for an emergency with some drugs in order to have these on hand just in case.

11 # London Pass

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If you are the first time in London and want to see as many attractions at one time, I recommend you to buy the London Pass before. Through the pass you have free admission to many attractions; some even get you in without standing in line.

12 # Coach tickets?

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Have you thought about how to get from the airport to the city? From Heathrow this might not be a problem, from Gatwick, Stansted or Luton you need in any case a transfer to the city. A cheap option in addition to the train, the trip on a bus, I recommend you use the services of National Express.

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