Google Glass Tested Successfully by Virgin Atlantic Staff at London Heathrow Airport

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Google Glass has been tested successfully, and is going to commercially available now. Due to this, various organizations are now thinking about co-ordination with Google, to boost up their business, with this amazed technology.

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If someone is interpreted on an airport by an individual, who knows Bio data like Name, Address, and Destination, doesn’t judge that he/she is transportation security administration member because Google glass technology has been launched successfully.

Google glass is just like a face based PC system, which has been tested now in 6-week test, by virgin Atlantic on London’s Heathrow airport. It is developed to make the flights testing process faster and most efficient for the customers.

Virgin Atlantic is a co member of air transport, as well as she is an IT specialist in SITA. SITA is an European multinational Information technology and Air transport Communication Company.

Furthermore, along with data flashes in the eye, Google glass also gives the weather updates info and events info for any particular place, where passengers are going to stay. By identifying the personal details of passengers, it is considering a secure weapon for the staff.

By using this glass web connected technology, airport staff should be able to identify the passenger’s arrivals, and the latest updates regarding flights.

At any area, Google glass technology can provide an efficient way of conferring a museum. Additionally, it is good for feeding users image portfolios in artwork.

Google glass is still not commercially available, so its price is under considerations of the Google department. But, general perception is that it could be more expensive product. These glasses should also enable somebody to tell whether he is pointing at fish or chicken.

However, somebody has to purchase it anyway.

Black Friday Deals

WOW – Amazing Offers

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