Goodbye Sun – Winter Is Stepping In London

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Nothing can match that moment when the first sunshine enters from your window to say good morning, however, saying ‘goodbye’ sun is not an easy task.

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Goodbye Sun - Winter Is Stepping In London

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Last two months have been splendid because the sun was continuously reminding all the Londoners, how bright their life is. On the other hand, now again winters are coming. Long coats with long shoes and same old routine would be back soon, which is genuine good news for those who like winters and certainly a bad news for all sun lovers.

This summer people have enjoyed a lot and went to numerous trips. Also, the main problem in people who are living in London is deficiency of vitamin D which mostly leads to joint pain and arthritis. However, Londoners had a lot of fun this season and the sun has given them full opportunity to get vitamin D to reduce joint pain and arthritis.

Furthermore, there are different people who apply various sorts of creams to get tan. Here again, sun is a natural source and leaves you with a beautiful complexion. Moreover, more visitors came to visit London as in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and India and so on, weather is extremely hot from June to August. Therefore, residents of countries with access heat come here to enjoy the summers of England as the sun mostly do not get too fury.

There have been many people who went to several concerts and events. Others were blissful with gardening and few liked sitting in sunlight to read a book. The importance of summer increased as Muslims’s Eid festival and Hindus’ Diwali festival were celebrated joyfully because people planned to visit their relatives and enjoy their journey.

At last, summer is going and we sadly have to say goodbye sun. Everybody would be missing sun for sure because in London friends start making plan for next summer as soon as they have to say goodbye sun.

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