God’s Own Junkyard 2020 London, UK

Best Place for the Collection of Vintage Neon Signs

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God’s own Junkyard mainly is a multi-colour warehouse of complex handmade neon lights that are used for lightening. It is located in Walthamstow, London. It has thousands of signs, props, and figures.

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All these are displayed in the warehouse of God’s own junkyard. The god’s junkyard itself is full of multicolour lighting, with many facilities in it. It has a restaurant that provides beer (pale, ruby, stout, IPA) from the fridge, coffee and slice of homemade sponge. Apart from this, the god junkyard also has cocktails, karaoke, rock ‘n’ roll, pinball, disco, and casinos.

God’s Own Junkyard 2020 London, UK
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Concept of God’s Junkyard:

God’s Own Junkyard represents the collection of late neon artist Christopher Dick Bracey’s work that he used to do in his own backyard. Dick Bracey was a coal miner who moved to London after the second world war. This collection contains things like all memorable signs for Soho sex clubs in the ’60s, his work for film industry such as pieces that were used in ‘Captain America’, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, ‘Byzantium’ and much more. You can also find some artwork in god’s own junkyard performed by Bracey. This artistic work was used for gallery exhibitions and other work performed by different artists. Bracey’s talent was recognized by some famous directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton, and Chris Nolan, for whom he used to make fashioning props.

The god’s own junkyard is a small space and is known to be Europe’s best place for the collection of vintage neon signs. These neon signs initially were called ‘Electro Signs’ placed in amusement and fragmented gallery.

The Uniqueness of God’s Own Junkyard 2020 London:

The god’s own junkyard London is unique in itself as it has multiple options. It also represents religious harmony as the warehouse also displays images of different sacred religious activities in the form of lightning. The god’s junkyard has a different lighting theme for each area or activity which makes it different from other entertainment places. The god’s junkyard can be used for all purposes such as drink, food, a meal if u r single or can be a romantic date. It would be a surprise if someone living in London has not visited the god’s own junkyard.

Neon Lights of God’s Own Junkyard 2020:

Neon lights are kind of cold cathode gas-discharge lights that are made of a noble gas that has a natural pink colour, and that is why it is named neon. By mixing other gases and chemicals, it changes into other colours, such as red due to hydrogen, yellow due to helium, white due to carbon dioxide and blue due to mercury. The god’s own junkyard uses these lights for their business in their warehouse. A good quality neon light can last up to 15 years and it can operate on a low voltage as well.

The neon lights do not consume much power as it uses less power than a 75 watt light bulb. So on average if it can be operated 24/7 it can cost £1 in about 5 days.

God’s Own Junkyard 2020 Neon Signs:

The neon signs are one of the best places ever in the god’s own junkyard London. They are available over there having the best quality in Europe. They vary in size and price. A 13×32 inch neon sign can cost around £170 with £5 of additional charges per letter. Normally, a custom neon sign price range is around £185 to £1,000.

The God’s Own Junkyard 2020 Lightens up your life:

If you want to light up your life with different colours, The god’s own junkyard London is a perfect place to shop at. It guarantees to light up your life and brighten up your home. It is a paradise for those who want to decorate their home and fill it with multiple colours. Full of historical signs, it can provide you with the best quality lightening you are looking for and all of this can be provided in a single warehouse of God’s own junkyard London. Located in northeast London, Walthamstow is said to be one of the darkest places of London but the god’s junkyard has provided colour and lightening to it.

Facilities at God’s Own Junkyard 2020:

God’s junkyard provides several facilities. You can spend hours sitting in the warehouse which contains café, prayer facilities, a small restaurant, a disco and a casino at a minimal offer. It has its own on-site cafe called The Rolling Scones and a bar made just across the yard called Wild Card Brewery.

For a neon lover, you will be in for an absolute treat as you will get London’s famous ‘Mother’s Ruin gin’ located near the warehouse of god’s own junkyard. You can take the gin drink and sit in the god’s junkyard and enjoy the neon lights while mixing your drink with a cocktail. The best place to get the gin is the ‘Old Tom’ located on the same industrial site where the god’s junkyard.

Prices at God’s Own Junkyard 2020:

The god’s own junkyard items are available both for sale as well as rental purposes. Or you can just have at look at them for as long as you can from outside and for sure it is for free. The prices of their items start from £280. This price provides all services including design creation, installation of lights along with its sale. The religious signs and images and the lightenings are also available on rent but it can be very costly. It will cost around £130 per week. The most wonderful thing is when you visit the god’s own junkyard, you do not need to mention for which purpose are you going to use this when you are getting it on a rental basis. Also, there is no need for advance payment, just show ur proof of identity at the god’s junkyard and that is it, you will get your item on rent.

Social media advertising of God’s Own Junkyard 2020:

The god’s junkyard has been very active on social media. They have a fan page on the name of ‘godownjunkyard’ or ‘God’s Own Junkyard’ on Instagram having around 69,000 followers and have 400 posts of their warehouse and products. They also have a Facebook page by the name of ‘God’s Own Junkyard’ recognized as Art gallery. They have more than 14,000 likes with 15000 followers on this page. More than 32,000 people have checked in at the god’s own junkyard London. They have got more than 3,000 reviews on the page and their rating is 4.9 out of 5. It has also been recommended by more than 3,000 people on Facebook. They also have a personal website ( which is an updated website having all relevant details of business featuring beautiful odd signs, religious images, and themes of lightening.

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Pictures at God’s Own Junkyard 2020:

Yes, you can take pictures at the god’s own junkyard. Various setups have been inside the warehouse at different places where you can take photographs. The place is set up according to different models and lightening for pictures. A 36exp staff is present at the place to provide services when required. This photography session will take place on Thursday 1st October 2020 at god’s own junkyard. The photography session will take place from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The cost of this photography session will be £195.

God’s Own Junkyard 2020 Timings:

The god’s own junkyard has got a different opening and closing time on different days. It is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Timings on Friday and Saturday are from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, while timings on Sunday are 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. The god’s junkyard is closed from Monday to Thursday. Cafe known as The Rolling Scones cafe in the god’s own junkyard is open for food and drink all weekend. The best thing about god’s junkyard is that you can go inside free and have to pay when you are coming out with a sign.

OPEN to the public

  • Friday – 11am – 9pm
  • Saturday – 11am – 9pm
  • Sunday – 11am – 6pm

Address of God’s Own Junkyard 2020 London:

The god’s own junkyard is located in London. The full address of god’s junkyard is;

Unit 12

Ravenswood Industrial Estate

Shernhall Street


E17 9HQ.

Tel: 020 8521 8066

Good Map

Directions to God’s Own Junkyard 2020 via Public Transport:

There are various ways to get to god’s junkyard. Two buses W12 and W16 passes near the place and you can also get there through train (SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY), which also passes near the god’s own junkyard London. Another way to reach there is through underground train or tube that are Central, District and Piccadilly lines that have a stop near the god’s junkyard. Reaching god’s junkyard can take an average of 50 minutes in public transport from major parts of London.

If you are not aware of London’s public transport, you can see maps on the bus and train stops that can guide you. Also, there are workers at every train stop that can fully guide you to reach your destination.

Access to God’s Own Junkyard 2020 in Private Transport:

If you have a private vehicle, you can get to god’s junkyard via shernhall street through estate entrance gates. If your going by walk, the best way to get to god’s own junkyard is through pedestrian gates that are opened both from Shernhall Street and Summit Road. These paths can be easily accessible if you are going on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after 6:00 pm.

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