How To Go London For Study Abroad Guide

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Are you one of those people who love education too much and are always willing to do whatever it takes to get more and more of it. Do you want to go London for study? Then this post is exactly for you because it is going to explain every simple thing step by step just to make it easier and simpler for you to understand “How To Go London For Study”.

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How To Go London For Study


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Requirements To Go London For Study

  • Decide which University/College you want to join
  • Decide What course do you want to study
  • United Kingdom Visa
  • Proper Place to Live
  • A prof that you can afford your studies
  • No previous criminal record in United Kingdom
  • A valid passport with all necessary stamps
  • At least 16 years of age and permission by parents or guardian if you are under 18.

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How To Go London For Study

1 # The first and foremost thing that you need to do is first decide what college or University do you want to enroll in once you get there and then make arrangements accordingly.

2 # After deciding your destination, you should decide what would you be doing once you get there? Is it going to be a Law Degree or the one in business? Decide.

3 # You need to get your passport created because it is a must. This is because you can’t do a single simple thing if you don’t have and you would never reach UK without it. Hence, if you want to “go London for study”, make sure you get your passport first.

4 # Once you get your passport, you need a valid Visa which would cost you some serious money to buy. Just like passport, you can never reach London or UK without having a valid Visa. You should get your visa within 3 months of applying.

5 # UK embassy or any place where you go to apply to get a UK visa, one of the first things that they would ask you is where do you plan to live because it can be a disaster if you reach there and then start to find some good place for yourself.

6 # You will also need to verify the fact that you have enough money to not only feed yourself and live a good living in London but you can also easily afford your studies.

To get more details regarding visa visit this link.

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You cannot do any business or something else that might earn you money in any way if you are there on a student visa. Visit the link above to know more about this same thing. That link goes to the official Government website which explains everything very well.

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It is going to be a lot of headache if you want to go London for study before you reach there and also after you start to walk on that land. Hence, if you are a weak person who hates to step out of his comfort zone, then do yourself a favour and don’t this to yourself.

We provided you some of the most important things that you needed to understand to know how to go London for study. Now believe that you won’t fail at doing any of all these things.

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