How To get US Netflix in UK

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Netflix United States has much more to offer as compared to Netflix United Kingdom and that is the reasons why many people want to know “how to get US Netflix in UK”. Because everybody wants to get more and more and what’s best. The biggest difference between Netflix US and UK is that US Netflix has more programs for their users and they also stream earlier than the ones in the UK which makes UK people feel pretty bad about that.

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How To Get US Netflix In UK


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United Kingdom Netflix is not loaded with content as United States Netflix is and that’s why almost all UK Netflix users are willing to do anything to get what people are getting in United States. Well, guess what, we can even help you out in this situation. Yeah, it is easily possible to get US Netflix in UK. So today we are going to show you how you can get it done and fill your Netflix with the programs you really care about.

How To get US Netflix in UK

We are going to show you a browser trick to get US Netflix in UK and get all the content you dream about. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully or this trick to get US Netflix in UK might not work for you.

One more thing that we would like to talk about here is that you should never ever tell this trick to Netflix on purpose because even though it is not illegal it is making their system confused and that is something they won’t be happy about. Hence, just keep it between you and us.

How To get US Netflix in UK

  1. To get US Netflix in UK we are going to use a plugin called HOLA.
  2. Then go to Hola Organization and download their plugin.
  3. After download completes go ahead and install plguin,
  4. After you have done that, now restart your modem + delete cookies from your browser.
  5. Now restart your PC/Laptop.
  6. Once it starts again, go to Netfilx now and you would be able to see the magic.
  7. Now you would be treated by Netflix as a United States citizen and hence you would be given the content accordingly.
  8. Now you will have your stream full of programs that were never supposed to be showcased to people living inside United Kingdom. But now you have all of that just with help of a simple plugin.
  9. Sit back, take a sip of coffee, call your friends or relatives and enjoy the shows that you all care about.

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This is how simple it can be to “get American Netflix in UK” and enjoy your programs at the right time and see more stuff than your fellow United Kingdom Netflix users. Isn’t that great? Now if it didn’t work for you or you had any other hiccups during the process you can let us now by commenting and we would be glad to help you in this. Additionally, you can also share this post with your close buddies and let them know the trick too.

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