How To Get A Tourist Visa For The UK [UK Visa Guide]

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Life is short. We are given a short time to enjoy the joys of nature and one of the greatest joys to human being is seeing new beautiful places such as UK. If you are planning to go and see United Kingdom than one question must be in your head “how to get a tourist visa for the UK?” After all, that is the most important and basic thing that is required to get yourself into that country.

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How To Get A Tourist Visa For The UK


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There a lot of people who have visited UK and they have been doing it again and again after their first visit. The reason for that is simple. United Kingdom is a beautiful and pleasurable place and it is quite simple and stress-free to “get a tourist visa for the UK”.
There are only two reasons why you should apply to to get a tourist visa for the UK.

  1. You want to come to United Kingdom to have the time of your life in your spare time such as holidays season.
  2. You are in a place that is outside European Economics Area or Switzerland.

If your purpose of visit to UK is any different, you should see UK visa website to get a clear idea of what kind of Visa you are going to need. But if your reason fits the two above or one of them, then just keep reading and we’ll show you how to get a tourist visa for the UK.

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The basic fee for UK tourist Visa is 83 GBP but the fees vary for long term stays. You should apply for a visa at least 3 months before you want to go there and after filling all the required documents and paying the money, you should hear about your Visa application within 3 working weeks.

Keep one thing in mind that if you are visiting UK to work or stay there in a way you are not supposed to or you want medical treatment or public funds then you can’t get a tourist visa.

How to Apply To Get Tourist Visa for The UK

Below are the basic things that you will need to provide.

  1. Details of where you would want to say and if possible, your travelling plans too.
  2. An evidence that you are financially good enough to support your stay.
  3. 2 Passport size photos

For getting visa, you will need to apply online for a General tourist Visa. They will need your fingerprints and photographs too.

You can also apply to get a tourist visa for the UK by applying through Post Office. Once you do all things said above, you are done with the work on your side. Now you can sit back and wait for them to call you and tell about your visa.

In the meantime, you should try to understand the travelling and other issues that you may need to face in UK. Make sure you step into that country with complete planning for everything so you don’t have to face any troubles afterwards.

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