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Are you in search of local electrician in your area or you are looking for plumbing services. If there is any service or free business listings in uk that you need to find in UK, you can do that easily with the help of UKNIC. This is a really powerful and amazing online free business listings in uk which hosts information about millions of business and services centers around UK. We are going to review UKNIC website for you and we will be telling you about some interesting features offered by this platform.

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Free Business Listings in UK -

Free Business Listings in UK

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The Website

Once you open their website by typing UKNIC.BIZ in your browser’s address bar, the site will load at a quick speed which is great for any website hosting thousands of gigabytes of data. The sleek design and clean look of website will make you stay there and explore different options. At the home page, you will see a sliding banner that displays the core features of this website. Navigation has been made very easy for users and that is the main reason why we also love using their services.

Find Your Way Around

To make things easier for you, UKNIC has added a search bar on the home page. There are different filter options available in this search bar. First, you will enter the required keyword like “plumber”, “Electrician”, “goldsmith”, “locksmith”, or any other service that you are looking for. After that, you can select the required category. By choosing the right category, you will be able to see better results. Once you have selected the category, it is time to decide in which city of UK you want to search for those services or business. Just enter the name of the city and results will be displayed in front of you.

Free Business Listings in UK -

Service Listing – Free Business Listings in UK

Different services and businesses are also displayed on the home screen so you can contact them right away. Just below the search bar, you will find a list of different businesses and by clicking on their link; you will be redirected to a new page that contains detailed information about that local business and services offered by them. Each listed business has its category mentioned below its name which will make it easier for you decide what kind of services that particular business is offering.

The most interesting feature of this website is the Map view. You can click on the link of “Map View”, below any business and the website will show you exact location with route on your screen. So if you were wondering how you will find a particular shop/ local business location, the information is now right in front of you.

Free Business Listings in UK -

Sort Your Data

One more thing that must be mentioned here is the data sorting feature offered by UKNIC. On the home page, you can see the menu in which different data sorting options are available. You can either go for “latest” or “popular”. With latest sorting feature, you will be displayed list of local business that are recently added and once you select “popular”, those businesses will be listed that are liked by users of this website a lot.

Free Business Listings in UK

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