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Free and cheap London Events From 22-28 July 2013


London is home to so many cool events that keep happening all the time in this awesome city. However if you are looking for some free and cheap London events then you are at the right place at the moment. There are a lot of events that happen on daily basis in London and it is really difficult to cover them all. Some of the events are very expensive which means only those people can go to those events that have enough money in their pockets. At the same time, there are a lot of people who don’t have a lot of budget to spend on events and they keep waiting for free and cheap London events to happen. The good news here is that, each week in London, a lot of free and cheap events happen as well. All you need to do is to find out about those events and be there at the venue when they occur. This will not only help you stay under budget but you will also be able to enjoy your week as well.


The week has just started today and we are going to give you information about free and cheap London events that are going to happen this week i.e. from Monday, 22 July to Sunday, 28 July. Keep reading about the events and mark the important events in your calendar so you don’t miss them by any chance.

Free and Cheap London Events


Monday 22 July

Art – The first event that is happening in London this week falls in art category. This event highlights different aspects of English culture and also tells a lot about the history and heritage as well. The show is directed by English artist Jeremy Deller who has won the Turner Prize back in 2004 and he is also famous for many of his masterpieces as well. The event is totally free so all you need to do is turn up at time and enjoy the show. I have been to these kinds of shows before and believe me, they are mind blowing. A lot of people may not prefer watching the show because it is free but it has got a lot to offer. I’m sure that you will be amazed to watch this show and it will change your perspective in many ways too.

Tuesday 23 July

Comedy – It is really important for people to attend such free and cheap London events that not only show the culture of this city but also give them a chance to laugh out loud. Smiling and laughing is really important as it lets you stay focused in life and do all those things that you would never dare to do in your life? If you are into Comedy shows then Uncle Henry’s Fantasy Hour has got something special designed for you in The Camden Head today. Uncle Henry is not the only one who will be there to amuse you but there are some other fabulous artists as well like Anna Morris, Damien Slash and Twins. The event is totally free of cost but to get a seat, you will have to turn up at 7.30pm sharp. Keep in mind that timing is really important so if you are late, you will lose the chance to see this show because there will be a houseful.

Wednesday 24 July

July 24, Wednesday is a busy day when it comes to free and cheap London event. Many events are happening on this day but there are three events that are worth talking about. Please find the information below.

Concert – If you have not been to a free concert in a long time then this is your chance to enjoy a free of cost concert. The California based theater called Fullerton Children’s Repertory is going to perform at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. They don’t make songs of their own but it doesn’t mean that they cannot amuse you by singing beautiful and mind-blowing songs from other artists likes Les Miserables, The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof. The event entry is free of cost, you just need to turn up by 4pm in the evening to reserve a seat.

Heritage of Violence – If like me, you are into philosophical stuff then you will love the event “Heritage of Violence”. This is basically a collaborative theatrical lecture which is presented by charity Cardboard Citizens along with theatre company chickenshed. They have been researching the heritage of violence and in this lecture they will shed light on their six months study about this very subject. You will be amazed to know about the interesting facts related to violence and how it initiates in the society. The event starts at 6.30pm so you should try to reach at the venue in time to find a comfortable seat for yourself.

Thursday 25 July

3D – This time, you can enjoy the summer season in 3D form and that too in your favorite science museum. As a visitor, not only you can enjoy watching the 3D art but you can also participate in making one as well. You can make your own 3D glasses and you can also watch a 3D film in which not only you will enjoy the thrill of 3D motions but you will also get a glimpse of 4D simulators as well. The event is totally free of cost and it will keep happening until 1 September. So you better turn up on right date at the right time to enjoy this 3D summer event.

90S Film Fest – Are you one of those people who love to watch movies made in 90’s? Well, I personally believe that the true movies were only made in 90’s and before that. Now, all we have is the sequels of blockbuster movies that were released at least a decade ago. This event is especially designed for those people who would love to watch the famous movies of 90s on big screens again. Unfortunately, this event is not free but it is not like there is a huge cost associated with the event as well.  You will only be charged £5 and you have to pre-book your seat until 28 July.

Cinema – If you want to know about the birth of cinema and its history in the world then you have to attend this event. In this beautiful event, you will get to know a lot of interesting and historical stuff about cinema industry and how it came into being. You will be amazed to know about strange yet interesting realities as well. The event is free of cost and you will have to turn up until 6pm.

Film – Those who are still wondering what exactly happened in Egyptian Revolution and what is happening right now must go to this event. The entry fee is only £5 but you will get to learn a lot of realities that are not told by media. Keep in mind, media only tell those stories that sell. If a story is true but cannot do good business, media will hide it from you.

Friday 26 July

Charity – If you are one of those people who can feel the pain of humanity and poor people in the world then the charity organization founded by Prince Harry is opening its Sentebale – Stories of Hope exhibition on this day at Getty Images Gallery. This is one of those events that you just cannot miss. You will get to learn about the hardships of people living in the world and how poor people feed their families. It is a good gesture to contribute something from your side when you have taken so many things from this world.

Clocks – Since the time we have got smartphones and tablets in our pockets, nobody seems to care about wearing a watch or even installing a wall clock in his/ her house. It is time we forget about these fancy gadgets and take a look at our glittering history of clocks. The event is organized to showcase a collection of small, medium, huge and gigantic clocks and also to show you how these clocks can increase the beauty of your house.

Saturday 27 July

Biro Art – On this day, the famous brio artist of London, Mark Powell will showcase his masterpiece portraits at Hang-Up Gallery. This is surely one those events that one cannot afford to miss. The event is totally free of cost and exhibition will continue until 1 September. Don’t forget to cross the event off in your calendar.

Summer Party – On the lovely South Bank, you can enjoy the summer party hosted by Gabriel Wharf who has been hosting this party every year. It is free to enjoy the party just turn up until 28 July.

Sunday 28 July

Free Film – By the end of the week, we are going to give you another film festival. Those who don’t want to spend £5 for a film event can enjoy watching fabulous films in this event for free (No Strings Attached).

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