Get ready to find your GCSE grades

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If you have given your GCSE exams, get ready to find your GCSE grades. This Thursday, 22nd of August 2013 the Pandora box of GCSE grades would open.

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Why are GCSE results important?

A child goes to school when he or she is five years old and stays in the school until he/she gets his main GCSE results. GCSE means General Certificate of Secondary Education. Furthermore, GCSE exams comes after year 11 and is the first board exam of a student that is why mostly students are under pressure and are too concerned about their performance. This particular result decides the future of a student because if one is interested in A-levels. There is no way of getting a seat at college if your GCSE results are not up to a certain level.

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In contrast, if somebody wants to do apprenticeship, the core subjects should have above C grade. In addition, there are few people who still have to resit their GCSE exams after years of work experience just to do a course or make their CV better.

Getting the right grades is even harder this year

Although, all the schools are telling their students, “get ready to find your GCSE grades”, however, somehow the schools are in shock. In last few years the GCSE course has been constantly changing. It is pretty hard for the teachers, students and parents to understand the course properly.

In that situation those who were expecting to get grade C might not get the expected grade as the bar of difficulty is a step further and achieving your target grade can be a harder challenge this time. Moreover, it is a serious problem because if students would not get grade C at their core subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences and English. There are fewer chances of them to get a place at college or an apprentice they want.

In comparison, those who would get extra ordinary grades would become a star. Newspaper would capture their lovely smiles with their splendid grades. Finally, the results might not be what the students have been expecting but hard work is a magic wand and can do wonders. Best of luck to all those who are waiting for their GCSE results!

Black Friday Deals

WOW – Amazing Offers

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