How To find London Cable Car and Ticket Cost

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If you are in London for visiting it or you just got some free time on your hand, you should go and find “London cable car” because this is something you don’t want to miss. Cable cars are simple box made with small windows on all theirs sides and they travel in mid air on cables.

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Cable cars are fun to use because they show you a completely new view of London that you have never seen before. And not just that but you also travel pretty faster using them. Many people have reported that they get the feeling like they were a bird and watching everything while they were flying.

How To Find London Cable Car


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In short words, London cable car is something that must experience. However, there might be some questions in your head right now like “how to find London cable car” or “how much London cable car costs” and other similar things. Well, don’t worry and stop guessing because we are going to show you the reality. This is how to find London cable car and enjoy the ride.

How To Find London Cable Car

London cable car was started by United Kingdom government back in Summer of 2012 and since then it has been working awesomely. Don’t be confused by the name because it is also called Emirates Air-Line. There are currently two stations where you can f find London cable car.

1 – The Royal Docks

The Royal Docks stations is in north side near Canning Town close to Excel Centre and you can go their and find London cable car to travel.

2 – Greenwich Peninsula

Greenwich Peninsula station is situated on south side and is pretty close to the world wide famous o2 arena.

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How Much London Cable Car Costs

To make things perfectly clear, London cable car is not part of their normal travel system. That means that you have to always pay for it when you are about to travel. However, people with travel cards and oyster cards can get up to 25% discount but they still need to pay. Below are the fees for London Cable Car.

Single Trip:

Adults pay 4.30 £

Children aged 5-15 pay 2.20 £

Kids under 5 pay nothing and go for free

Return Trip:

Adults pay 8.60 £

Children aged 5-15 pay 4.40 £

Kids under 5 pay nothing and go for free

How To Book Tickets Of London Cable Car

You book tickets of London cable car in more than one ways which makes this whole thing not only interesting but also entertaining. These are the ways;

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Book Online:

You can “book London cable car tickets online” by going to this page.

Book By Email:

You can also book London cable car ticket by sending an email to

This is how you can “find London cable car” and take a ride of it with just a little bit of money. We wish you best of luck for that and suggest you to share the this post and spread the love.

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