How to Find Free Wifi in London

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In many cases, WiFi access in London hotels is a prerequisite for many business travelers. However, due to the fact that a large number of businesses still do not offer WiFi, there are a number of commercial services in London which let you get online from just about anywhere in central areas – you pay for these of course! If you are already in London and need WiFi access, look out for these signs:

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Several well-known chains, including McDonald’s and Starbucks now offer free WiFi access in all of their stores throughout Central and Greater London. If you are going into London and need free WiFi, check for your nearest McDonald’s or Starbucks:


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Free Wifi in London

Most London libraries offer internet access, and many now offer free WiFi access. For a list of libraries, visit London Libraries – (external website) Other Central London locations that offer free WiFi access includes: The British Library, King’s Cross, St. Pancras International Terminal, King’s Cross.

If you need to book a hotel in London with free Wifi access, offers the cheapest hotel deals in London and information about whether a hotel has WiFi access will be in the description of each hotel

Most, if not all, London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, London City) charge a fee for WiFi access, and the cost can be upwards of £5 per hour. BT Openzone offer cheaper packages if you cannot rely on free Wifi access being available.

Further information about pricing and WiFi access locations can be found here

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