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Best British Films Set in England 2020

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England is not your average country, with being the most famous royal country in the world; it hosts many films as well. Whether you believe us or not, but British Films Set in England has its irreplaceable unique charm.

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Ever wonder why films set in England are way different from Films set in a different country, let’s say America? No, no? Well, England gives a sense of comfort, a sense of warmth and welcome, that just lures you right in. Films Set in England are somehow grounded enough (even in their posh-ness) to give you that sense of relatability that makes them more appreciated amongst masses and forces them to visit England once in their lifetime.

Best British Films Set in England - A Must See
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To prove our point, let’s dive into the best of the best British Films Set in England and put some places to visit on your bucket list.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

It’s almost been 3 decades since the movie came out and despite being a British film set in England; it was released in the USA first. Frustrating, right? Nonetheless, this film has and still is stealing everyone’s hearts.

This romantic-comedy perfectly embodies the true essence of love and friendship as the main protagonist attends all the 5 events throughout the film. The film was able to give a peep into all the madness, goofiness, closeness and eccentricity amongst family and friends during the wedding season in England while making sure the posh-ness stays intact. Especially a look into what it’s like to be late and not able to get commute.

So whether you just want a good laugh, or want to cherish friendship and your family or just want to make yourself feel good after a tiring or being LATE, this London set movie is your way to go.

P.S: You know it’s something spectacular when this movie has got its own new Netflix series and people L-O-V-E it.

Calendar Girls

It’s sad at times that we don’t associate old age with comedy, but this is why God graced us with 2004’s “Calendar Girls”. This movie was pretty straight forward but provides a caravan full of laughter and a sense of giving.

Set in Yorkshire’s small village, Calendar Girls is a bright, cheerful story of a group of old women from a Women’s club, posing nude while carrying out their traditional household chores for a calendar, in hope to raise money for Leukaemia Research. And guess what? It’s not fictional, the movie is based on a real-life event and whether you believe it or not, the women were a hit; to the point, they made a movie of it.

Who so ever says that villages and old people are not liberal and progressive they need to watch this movie. We guarantee once you watch this film, you would want to experience the subtle charismatic life of a small town and would want to take a fresh breath of air in Yorkshire.

The Theory of Everything

Yet again a true story based on the life of Stephen Hawking in Cambridge. This romantic drama deals with everything from college romances, to a real-life crisis, to sickness, to infidelity, to the true meaning of what it means to be with someone.

This movie is not your average biopic; it’s a depiction of what it’s like to be with someone through sickness and health. This movie will surely give you laughs, tears and a sense of warmth.

And what makes this movie commendable other than the story and actors is how every location, whether it was St John’s College or Cavendish laboratory, or Trinity lane, every place enhances the cinematic beauty of the film. So whether you watch it for Stephen Hawking, or the romantic drama this movie is or just the scenery, trust you definitely would wish your love story to take place Cambridge.

Withnail and I

Believe it or not, this black comedy British film set in England is a cult classic. The story is not like any other easy-breezy film, the two protagonists of the film are tired of their dull, mediocre life and require a break, what they get their selves into is what none of us is expecting.

The humour in the film is clever yet brutally honest, giving you the sense of actuality while being simultaneously funny and coherent to the narrative. The film somehow manages to give a new, unexpected yet intriguing cinematic feel to the loved and adored bright locations of England.

Set in London and Cumbria this film is stuffed with Adulthood, responsibility, friendship and most definitely unique original comedy you’ve ever seen.


If you’re not a romantic person or want to see something true to life, then closer is your best option. The story revolves around 2 London couples and their love stories, from falling in love to falling out of love, from happiness to misery, loyalty to infidelity and eventually finding their way.

The movie is a true depiction of what it’s like to be humans and in love in this modern-day era. By no means, this film is a happy go lucky watch, but the setting, the studio, the aquarium, the streets, bars, cafes and so much more, will surely make you want to pack your bags and visit London.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter series needs no explanation; if you haven’t seen or read the series, you most definitely still are aware of it. From a more mystical and fictional point of view, Harry potter showcases London and different parts of England in a more unconventional yet alluring way, whether it’s the bank, the houses, countryside, streets or just the train station, every location showed gravitates people towards it.

A story about how a boy finds out that he is a wizard and faces the struggles of being in a wizarding world, this movie series has it all; comedy, drama, romance, emotions, tragedy and even horror.

If not a single movie excites you to visit any part of England on this list, Harry potter will most certainly will, and if not ask then ask the kid inside you.


This timeless comedy by JaneAustin is set in the South of England, where Gwyneth Paltrow’s character Emma, is fond of playing the “matchmaker”.

Scenes shot in houses, or lake view scenes, the stable, every location from Buckinghamshire to Hampshire to even London. All the countryside area, give you the rush to leave everything and run back to nature, just to take a deep breath in the valleys of south England.

This light-hearted, romantic comedy will melt your hearts and would make you want to dive into the world of JaneAustin’s and the enchanted land of England.

Love Actually

It’s not a classic romantic movie, but it’s most definitely a classic Christmas film. Showing almost every part of London and how it plays a different role in every protagonist’s life. This movie makes you feel good about being alive.

The story is a jumble of small independent stories, related to each other in some way, making it a full circle. The movie revolves around a married couple, a man who’s in love with his friend’s wife, an office romance, two actually, a house on the verge of breaking, young love, father-son bond, a life of two struggling actors and much more. Despite not being a classic, this movie will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with England

Whether it’s, the bridge or the church, a school even the airport, this movie deals with love and Christmas and for sure would make you plan your next holiday here.

Notting Hill

Well, if you’re one of those who think there’s no difference between England and America, you’re in due to watching Notting Hill. The movie explores the difference between a famous life and an ordinary life, the difference between wealth and dearth, and most definitely the difference between Beverly Hills and Notting Hill

The story is pretty basic, a local British and a famous American actress fell madly in love with each other but their love comes with a whole load of problems. The Englishness of this film along with the glimpse of Americanness is what captures your attention from the very beginning, the nonchalance, the irony, the emotional earmark, the love, laughs goofiness and especially the beauty of West London, the roads, cinema, lanes, cycles, florists and especially the bookshops, makes you hopeless romantic. So if you’re in a mood for love, this movie will surely give you a tip or two to set you on the right path, the path to West London, Honey.

Thought the list has come to an end, but you know what there are hundreds of British Movies Set in England that will make your jaws drop, force you to pack your bags and take a flight to England. It’s just what British films do, they make you fall in love, they make you feel at home and provide you escapism in this enhanced foreign land where dreams and hopes can pave their way. So don’t hold back and dive in the kingdom love, beauty and warmth.

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