List of 5 Top Fashion Museums in London 2018 UK

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The world has been changing so rapidly and no one has the time to note down this change. Everyone is quite busy in their routine work and could not find sufficient time to hold on and look upon how they live, how they dress up and how the world sees them. No one has the time to look into the past and find what was the culture of their society 50 years ago or may be a century ago how the people living in this area where they live now look like? There are so many things that you should know but unfortunately you do not have sufficient time to do that. Fashion, the most important aspect of man’s life (actually for women’s), is one of those things that we have missed due to our burdensome work and office meetings.

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But, there is a place where you can look back into the past and even in the present trends in fashion. Yes! I’m talking about fashion museums, a place that has captured the time with all those glimpse from past to present and even a glimpse of future.

List of Top 5 Fashion Museums in London UK

1# The British Museum

You may belong to any part of this world but you should know about the early civilization of human being from where they started their journey towards the fashion world and discover the way to look more civilized, sober and well mannered. Jump up and reach the Great Russell St. to visit The British Museum and discover all these antiques.

The British Museum


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Photo Credit : fosterandpartners

2# Victoria and Albert Museum

Get up and discover those extensive collections of decoration and art designs with other collections consisting of about 4.5 million objects that are available in Victoria and Albert Museum a.k.a V&A. This fashion museum has so much for you to explore and increase your knowledge about different things that you may use in your daily life.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Photo Credit : heatheronhertravels

3# Museum of London

Your next stop is Museum of London situated at 150 London Wall. Just go there and find the large and fascinating collection of art work showcasing the past and telling about how those things have been influencing the present and future as well. You will know the city better after visiting this beautiful and fantastic “fashion museums in London” that is full of descriptive pictures about major events happened in the past.

Museum of London

Photo Credit : urban75

4# Textile and Fashion Museum in London

Searching for things that relate to fashion? Then how can you miss this place that has been established by the famous designer Zandra Rhodes that displays different exhibitions on various aspects like sculpture, painting and Vintage Handkerchiefs etc. You will love the creative work and appreciate the awesome thoughts and masterpieces of so many designers displaying their work in this one of the best fashion museum of London.

Textile and Fashion Museum in London

Photo Credit : thetimes

5# Design Museum

Lastly, when you are visiting fashion museums in London then you should also pay a visit to this marvelous collection of art work from so many talented designers. Though this fashion museum has a bit expensive ticket but spending your money on this place is a very good idea. Just visit this fashion museum situated at 28 Shad Thames, London and enjoy your evening with your friends or maybe with someone special.

Design MuseumPhoto Credit : youropi

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