Experts Says Healthy Gay Men Must Take Drugs To Prevent HIV


A new study revealed that, to avoid developing and spreading HIV gay men should take drugs that are use for anti viral on a daily basis. The PROUD British study conducted by researchers at University College London was published today and advices today that gay men should take PrEP and pre exposure prophylaxis as soon as possible to prevent HIV.




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This drug has been approved by United States for HIV avoidance since 2012; however this research gives the first decisive proof of the effectiveness of the drug in the world. The medicine PrEP comes with the name of Truvada, which reduce the risk of HIV infection in gay men who use to sex with same gender by more than 86 percent.

A study conducted by UCL includes around 545 people at around 13 clinics for sexual health across England. They make a group and split them into two. One group of people was instructed to give Truvada right away and the other group was instructed to given Trauvada after a year. In that group three people were found infected with HIV among 276. In the other group 19 people were became HIV positive.