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Events Happening in London in August 2013


London is a home to so many events during the year. Heck! It is even difficult to track all the events happening in London during one month. With July more than half way through, we are about to enter the month of August. Another month that will offer so much fun to summer lover so this is the time when you pack your bags and get ready for a journey to catch all the interesting events happening in London. There is a huge list in front of me but I will not bombard you with so much information because then it will become difficult for you to take in all the info at once. The thing that I’m going to do now is to give you a heads up about the most interesting events that are about to happen in London during the month of August.


Before reading about the list and description of events happening in London, make sure that you have something to cover your cravings. In the last post, I was writing about romantic restaurants in London and by the end, I was feeling very hungry. At the middle of the night, I had to go out of home and find something delicious to eat and guess what I ended up with, a pack of Potato Crisps. Anyways, let’s stop wasting the time and get down on the road of London events occurring in August, 2013.

London Events Calendar
London Events Calendar

Event #1 : From West End to Broadway!

On this event, music stars like Kim Criswell, Maria Friedman and Ruthie Henshall will perform at Cadogan Hall. The address is; Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, Belgravia, London, SW1X 9DQ. You can take the tube from Sloane Square Station to reach to the destination. The event will be happening on ever Thursday during the month of August at 7.30pm.  The event will occur during first three weeks of August so there are a total of three performances in one month at same venue. If you want to attend the event then you have to hurry and sign up as soon as possible because seating is limited. This might turn out to be one of the best events of your life so you should not waste any more time reading this post and get yourself registered.

Event #2 : Camden Fringe – Events happening in London

Across Camden, hundreds of quirky shows are going to be staged just for you people out there. The address of the venue is Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PY. Different tube stations from where you can reach to the destination are Warren Street Station, Euston Station, Euston Square Station and Great Portland Street Station as well. The performance will be happening every day from 1st to 31st August 2013. These performances are based on various genres like comedy, tragedy, poetry, dance and much much more. Camden Fringe is going to host more than 400 performances in just one month of August this year. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard me. There are more than 400 performances. You can pick the performance of your choice and get down there with your friends and family, whomever you prefer to bring with you.

Event  #3 : Kids Week

The thing that I love the most about London is that there are so many events happening in London each month. It doesn’t matter if it is winter season or summer season, theaters, museums, public parks and cinemas are just full of people all the time. Kid’s week is also happening in The West End during the month of August this year. There will be different kinds of activities for families and kids and I’m sure that this will be one hell of an event. The address of the venue is; The West End, Soho London, WC2H 7BP. You can take a tube from Leicester Square Station, Covent Garden Station, Piccadilly Circus Station and Charing Cross Station too. The events will be happening from 1st to 31st August, 2013. One thing that I must mention here is that, the idea of “Kid’s Week” first started around a decade ago and since that time; it has been carried out successfully each year during the month of August. If you have kids then you cannot afford to miss this event because your kids will love it there.

Event #4 : The Same Deep Water As Me

If you are into fiction and drama then “The same deep water as me” is the event that you cannot miss. This is a new comic drama by Nick Payne who is the winner of Evening Standard award for making Best New Player in 2012. He is a legendry artist who knows how to convey his message to a mass population. The event is happening at The Donmar Warehouse, 41 Earlham Street, Sever Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9LD. You can take a tube from Convent Garden Station, Tottenham Court Road Station or Leicester Square Station. The play will start performing on 1st of August and there will be a performance each day until 21st September 2013. One more thing that I must tell you about Nick Payne is that, he is the youngest person to be awarded Evening Standard award. This means, you simply cannot miss this event. Since there is going to be a play each day, you can pick a date that suits your schedule and have fun.

Event  #5 : Buckingham Palace Summer Opening

Each year, Buckingham Palace opens its gates for common people for two months and this time it is happening in August. Events happening in London are so exciting that it becomes difficult to keep a track of all those events. However, Buckingham Palace Summer Opening is an event that you simply cannot miss. The address is; Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1A 1AA. You can take a tube from Victoria Station to reach at the destination. The doors of Buckingham palace will open on 3rd August and will remain open until 29th September 2013. The main reason of this event is to let the citizens take a look at the heritage of their country but this year, this event is going to be more important because 2013 marks the 60 years of Queen on British throne. This is one of those events that you simply cannot miss in your life.

Event  #6 : Ride London

Not all the events happening in London are about tourism and to sit around to watch a play but there are many healthy activities too. For instance, the Ride London is a two day cycling festival that happens every year in London. The event will take place in newly opened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The park was opened for people just last month and now they are preparing for this cycling event that will last for two consecutive days. On first day of the event, more than 70,000 women are supposed to ride on cycles and tour around the London city. The next day, it will be for men cyclists who will follow the same path and race track. Cyclists are supposed to cover a distance of around 100 miles in one day. Organizers are describing this event as London Marathon on Wheels. If you are a health conscious person and you love cycling than this even is for you. This is a great way to show the world that you care about mother-nature.

Event #7 : West Side Story

There are many events happening in London during the month of August but West Side Story has a unique presence in them. This is actually the return of Broadway Classic. Those people who have been residing in London for a while now definitely know what I’m talking about. The address for the event is Sadler’s Wells Theater, Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 4TN. You can take a tube from Angle Station to reach to the destination. The event will start on 7th August and it will last until 22nd September. You can easily find some time in your busy schedule to enjoy this event and have a fun time. Back in 2008, the Broadway Classic sold out is 50th anniversary season and now they are coming back with a new and fresh start this year. This is one of those events that is not be missed by anyone in this world.

Event #8 : Film4 Summer Screen

Events happening in London have so much charm but still, there is no lack of creative events. You may think that how can someone enjoy so many events happening in just one city and that too in just one month time? Well, this is the charm of London life my friend. Film4 Summer Screen is an event in which an electic mix of movies will be screened at Fresco. The address of the venue is Somerset House, Strand, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 1LA. You can take the tube directly from Temple Station. The event will start on 8th August and it will last until 21st August. The most fun thing about this event is that, a mix of different famous films from 2012 will be screened each day. This will help you revive all the memories of last year and also help you figure out which awesome movie you missed in 2012.

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